NT Automatic Reboot after Lockup

Some sites believe that security is enhanced and important information preserved
intact (security event logs), if systems are not allowed to restart
automatically after a failure or lockup. If you have adequate operations staff
to support the option or overriding security issues, the options are set by the
following Windows NT / Windows 2000 registry hack:

Key: \SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
Value: 0 Disable automatic reboot
Value: 1 Enable automatic reboot


Q174630 – Windows NT Restarts Continuously with Blue Screen.

Blue Screen Administration for Windows NT and 2000
offers you the chance to administer your Windows NT
and Windows 2000 after a Blue Screen and fix boot errors or save data from
defunct volumes. You can boot NT/2000 from disk and so gain access to systems
whose passwords have been forgotten.

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