NTP RAS Manager monitors and controls RAS & RRAS dial-in services

A downside to RAS / RRAS is a lack of management tools. NTP RAS Manager

  • Establishes and automatically enforces a dial-in connection management
  • Idles out inactive remote sessions
  • Controls the length of RAS sessions
  • Allows or denies RAS server access
  • Restricts concurrent sessions
  • Limits RAS access to specific servers
  • Specifies network “peak” and “off-hour” time limits
  • Creates custom time remaining messages
  • Supports both RAS and RRAS
  • Generates RAS usage information for capacity planning or your corporate
    charge back system
  • Gathers statistics by user, port, RAS server, date, time of day, and more
This is a commerical product to fill a real gap in RAS / RRAS.

Microsoft has released TraceEnable

  • Enable or disable RAS/RADIUS tracing without using Regedt32.exe or
  • Scan the component-related subkeys in
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Tracing and modify the following entries
    without using a registry editor:

    • EnableConsoleTracing
    • EnableFileTracing
    • MaxFileSize

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