NT Resources

Specialized useful to
Windows NT administrator

  • NetBIOS Spy

    shareware – you need admin access

    • Watch current open files on your local computer but also on remote computers
      with Windows NT/2000/XP.
    • Show list of process remotely
    • Show MAC address
    • Keep log files
    • Open files remotely with corresponding applications
    • Deconnect remotely open files
    • Refresh computer list with just one click
    • Filter informations

  • File Scavenger

    undelete and data recovery utility for NTFS volumes on
    Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT. File Scavenger can recover files
    accidentally deleted, including files removed from the Recycled Bin, in a DOS
    window, from a network drive, from Windows Explorer with the SHIFT key held
    down, provided that recovery is attempted before the files are permanently
    overwritten by new data. File ScavengerT supports both basic and dynamic disks,
    NTFS compression, alternate data streams, sparse files, Unicode filenames, etc.

  • GiPo@FileUtilities

    • GiPo@MoveOnBoot : copies, moves or deletes files
      and folders on the next system boot. The utility is very useful when the user
      needs to replace or delete files which are locked by other applications, loaded
      into the memory or just cannot be changed until next system boot.
    • GiPo@DirMonitor : File system changes monitoring
      utility for Windows NT/2000/XP. It allows to select the folder and to customize
      the monitoring settings for the specified folder (the event list to process and
      some other options). The program can also monitor changes in subfolders if
      necessary. This program can work in background and generates the HTML log of
      file system changes.
    • GiPo@Mount : It allows to attach a local or remote
      drive to an empty folder on an NTFS volume (only for Windows 2000/XP) and to
      substitute a local folder for a drive letter.
    • GiPo@Hardlink : Allows to create new UNIX-like
      (POSIX) hardlinks to files on NTFS volumes and to delete existing hardlinks.
      This program is designed for Windows 2000/XP users.
    • GiPo@ReadTest : Checks files and folders for read
      errors. This kind of test is useful for those who need to write data to
      different types of media (floppies or CDR/CDRW/DVDRW/etc) and want to ensure
      that the written data is OK. The program allows selecting the file or folder to
      check. The program can also check subfolders of the specified folder(s)
    Try it free for 30 days. $15

  • Essentials for Server Consolidation
    free membership to bitpipe.com

  • www.tamos.com :

    • EssentialNetworkTools : set of network tools useful in diagnosing networks
      and monitoring your computer’s network connections

      • NetStat: displays the list of your computer’s inbound and outbound network
        connections, including the information on open TCP and UDP ports, IP address,
        and connection states. What makes it different from other NetStat utilities is
        the ability to map open ports to the owning application. (This feature is
        available under Windows NT/2000/XP.)
      • NBScan: a powerful and fast NetBIOS scanner. NBScan can scan a network
        within a given range of IP addresses and list computers offering NetBIOS
        resource-sharing service, as well as their name tables and MAC addresses. Unlike
        the standard nbtstat utility supplied with Windows, this tool provides a
        graphical user interface and easy management of the lmhosts file and features
        parallel scanning, which allows checking a class C network in less than one
        minute. NBScan can facilitate routine tasks often carried out by system
        integrators, administrators, and analysts.
      • PortScan: an advanced TCP port scanner that allows you to scan your network
        for active ports. This tool features both conventional (full connect) and
        stealth (half-open) scanning modes.
      • Shares: monitors and logs external connections to your computer’s shared
        resources, as well as provides a quick and easy way to connect to remote
        resources that gives Windows 98/Me users NT user-level connectivity features.
        Unlike Windows NT, Windows 98/Me has no user-level connectivity after the boot:
        you can specify a password, but not a username. This tool allows you to set both
        a username and a password.
      • LMHosts: a convenient editor of the lmhosts file integrated with NBScan.
      • NetAudit (NetBIOS Auditing Tool): allows you to perform various security
        checks on your network and/or individual computers offering the NetBIOS file
        sharing service. This tool can help you identify potential security flaws.
      • RawTCP: provides you with the ability to establish low-level TCP connections
        to troubleshoot different networking services. Multi-color output and a
        convenient interface make it a great tool for every network administrator or
        computer programmer.
      • TraceRoute and Ping: these familiar utilities featuring customizable options
        and a convenient results presentation allow you to explore the Internet and
        troubleshoot connectivity problems.
      • NSLookup: allows you to convert IP addresses to hostnames and vice versa,
        obtain aliases, and perform advanced DNS queries, such as MX or CNAME.
      • ProcMon: displays the list of running processes with full information on the
        program location, manufacturer, process ID, and the loaded modules. With this
        tool, you can identify hidden applications, kill running processes, and manage
        the usage of your PC’s resources more effectively.

    • CommView : packet analyzer
      run on any Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP system

    • CommView Remote Agent : remote network traffic monitoring
    • SmartWhois : ruseful network information utility

      • Caching of obtained results.
      • Hostname resolution and DNS caching.
      • Saving results into an archive: you can build your own database that can be
        viewed offline.
      • Loading and processing lists of IP addresses or domains.
      • Integration with CommView: Can be accessed from CommView for quick, easy
      • Calling SmartWhois directly from your application. See SmartWhois FAQ.
      • Wildcard queries.
      • Whois console for custom queries.
      • Country code reference.
      • Customizable interface.
      • SOCKS5 firewall support.

    • DigiSecrets : file encryption and sharing
      utilizes strong and
      time-proven encryption algorithms for creating encrypted archives and
      self-extracting EXE files

  • Securit-e-Lok (S-Lok) : server hardening tool

  • Shavlik
    : security patch management for Windows NT, Windows 2000 &
    Windows XP

    • Shavlik HFNetChkPro – Click and deploy all your security patches in two
      simple steps.
    • Shavlik HFNetChkLT – fully functional free version of HFNetChkPro offering
      unlimited scanning, GUI interface, and PatchPushT for Operating System patches,
      with no timeouts and no keys required.
    • Shavlik EnterpriseInspector – Built on Microsoft MBSA which Shavlik
      developed for Microsoft, EnterpriseInspector analyzes your machines and provides
      recommendations on enhanced security settings. Includes integrated HFNetChk.
    • Shavlik HFNetChkPro AdminSuite – Full version of HFNetChkPro bundled with
      best-of-breed security audit tools in a convenient, easy-to-use suite that will
      help you to ensure enterprise security.
    • Shavlik HFNetChk.exe is a free command-line tool that enables you to scan
      your network and check the patch status of your Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000,
      and Windows XP machines.

  • ScoopLM: captures LM/NTLM authentication info
    freeware, supports microsoft-ds (Direct SMB hosting
    service; 445 NTLMSSP), ActiveDirectory, NTLMv2 on NetBIOS over TCP/IP, Telnet,
    IIS (HTTP) and DCOM over TCP/IP.

  • LiUtilities :

    • WinTasks 4 Professional
      for Windows
      95/98/ME/NT/2000 Pro/XP will help you boost overall system performance and give
      you control over resources and processes.

    • WinBackup
      for Windows
      95/98/ME/NT/2000 Pro/XP, WinBackup helps you organize your backups and schedule
      automatic backups, it will also protect your data using the latest encryption
      techniques, compress data to save space, create detailed logs of all backup
      operations and more.

    • SpeedUpMyPC
      free up memory and other
      resources. It can optimize your internet connection, reassign CPU resources to
      improve performance, prevent crashes and reduce startup times considerably.

  • Advanced Toolware Domain
    Tools for NT/W2K/XP

    • Monitor Magic : Enterprise class monitoring and alerting with escalation

      proactive monitoring/alerting tool for Windows 2000 / NT servers,
      workstations and SNMP devices.
    • User ManagemeNT
      suite eliminates the labor-intensive aspects of account
    • Space Guard : Disk Quota software
      allows an administrator to actively
      control or passively monitor disk space usage by users or groups
    • AdminMagic : remote assessment and management
      take over and control
      remote users’ desktops
    • RealLastLogon
      collects the last logon information from all domain
      controllers, merges all intermediate results
    • Network ServaNT
      integrates User Manager, Server Manager, the Explorer,
      the Event Viewer and Tools4ever’s own tools UserManagemeNT Lite and FREEping
    • MigrateMagic : NT to Windows 2000 migration
      Migrate passwords; Removal
      of SIDhistory entries; copy user home directories while updating security
    • Policy Template Editor : System Policy Editor for Windows 9x, NT and 2000
      Use the Policy Template Editor to create your own Zero
      Administration Kit

  • WinHex:
    Hex Editor for Files, Disks & RAM

    Features include:

    • Disk editor for hard disks, floppy disks, CD-ROM & DVD, ZIP, Smart
      Media, Compact Flash memory cards, and more. FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, CDFS
    • RAM editor, providing access to other processes’ virtual memory
    • Data interpreter, knowing 20 data types
    • Editing data structures using templates (e.g. to repair partition table/boot
    • Concatenating and splitting files, unifying and dividing odd and even
    • Analyzing and comparing files
    • Particularly flexible search and replace functions
    • Disk cloning, with a specialist license also under DOS
    • Drive images & backups (optionally compressed or split into 650 MB
    • Programming interface (API) and scripting (professional & specialist
      licenses only)
    • 128-bit encryption, checksums, CRC32, hashes (MD5, SHA-1, …)
    • Erase (wipe) confidential files securely, hard drive cleansing to protect
      your privacy
    • Import all clipboard formats, incl. ASCII hex values
    • Convert between binary, hex ASCII, Intel Hex, and Motorola S
    • Character sets: ANSI ASCII, IBM ASCII, EBCDIC, (Unicode)
    • Instant window switching. Printing. Random-number generator.
    • Supports files >4 GB. Very fast. Easy to use. Extensive online

  • StarAdmin
    Wireless Remote Network Management : StarAdmin gives IT personnel the ability to
    monitor and manage enterprise servers and networks remotely, using a web-enabled
    wireless phone, PDA (PocketPC/Palm) or two-way pager (RIM/Blackberry). Simply
    put, StarAdmin puts the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), file system
    interface, command line, and other networking tools where you need them most –
    in the palm of your hand, wherever you are! Additionally, StarAdmin’s Telnet and
    SSH interfaces can be used to manage Unix-OS based workstations and servers, as
    well as many other network devices such as routers, switches and UPSs.

  • Famatech’s Radman

    Fast! Very Fast! secure remote access

  • GoToMyPC
    Control your PC from anywhere using a browser

  • WinSCP
    WinSCP is a freeware SCP (Secure CoPy) client for
    Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/ME using SSH (Secure SHell). Its main function is safe
    copying of files between a local and a remote computer. WinSCP can do all basic
    operations with files, such as copying and moving (to and from a remote
    computer). It also allows you to rename files and folders, create new folders,
    and change properties of files and folders.

  • RawWrite for Windows
    utility for creating boot and root disks for installing Linux.

  • Big Brother System and Network

    network status is displayed on a
    color-coded web page in near-real time. When problems are detected, you’re
    immediately notified by e-mail, pager, or text messaging. Big Brother is
    provided in source code format for Unix and Linux, and precompiled for Windows
    NT and Windows 2000. User contributed clients are also available for Netware,
    Mac OS/9, VMS, AS/400 and VM/ESA.

  • Microsoft’ utility Network Security Hotfix Checker ( HFNetChk ) is a command-line
    tool that enables an administrator to check the patch status of Windows NT 4.0,
    Windows 2000, and Windows XP machines.

  • Runtime Software

    GetDataBack for
    and GetDataBack for NTFS is data recovery
    software which will help you to get your data back when one or all of the
    following is corrupt or lost

    • Partition Tables
    • Boot Records
    • FATs (FAT) or Master File Table (NTFS)
    • Root Directory

    GetDataBack recovers data from

    • Hard Drives
    • Partitions
    • Drive Images

    Runtime has powerful disk editors for FAT and
    Compatible with Win9x, ME, NT, Windows 2000.

  • SpaceSearcher
    a tool to
    analyze the space usage on a drive or network share. SpaceSearcher lets one
    analyze the space usage on a drive or network share, find where or what programs
    are eating up hard disks, and free precious disk space. Detailed reports and 3D
    bar charts of hard drives can be viewed, printed, and exported to an Excel or

  • Log Monitor

    Log Monitor is a files and directories
    monitoring tool. The program periodically checks selected file’s modification
    time and executes external program if file’s time was changed or not changed.
    For directories it handles such events as files change, addition or removal.
    Works under Windows 95/98/NT/2000. It’s still free for personal and business

  • NotePager
    server and network solution for sending messages to pages and digital phones.
    Home office to enterprise.

  • Common Migration Tool for Notes (CMT for Notes)
    for Notes allows you to migrate from the following products to Lotus Notes 4.6
    or 5.0:

    • Novell GroupWise (4.x, 5.x)
    • Microsoft Exchange (4, 5)
    • Microsoft Outlook (97, 98, 2000) with Exchange Server
    • Netscape Messenger (4.x)
    • Lotus Organizer (97, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0)
    • Microsoft Outlook Express (4.x)
    • Microsoft Schedule+ (7.x)
    • ON Technology MeetingMaker (4.x, 5.x, 6.x)
    • Qualcomm Eudora (3.x, 4.x)

  • Customizing the Outlook 98/2000 E-mail Security Update
    control the types of attached files blocked by Outlook, modify the
    Outlook Object Model warning notifications, and specify user or group security

  • ISA Server resource site
    (July 2001)
    ISAserver.org is your only resource for Microsoft’s
    ISA Server, with news, downloads, articles, 3rd party products, tutorials,
    newsletters, FAQs, message boards and much more. Also has various FAQs and
    articles on Windows 2000 security related issues.

  • Topica (July 2001)
    Thousands (literally) of newsletters and discussion groups

  • Domain

    Free utility for Windows 2000
    and NT to quickly assess network security and status, inventory users and
    groups, and determine corporate IT policy compliance through concise reports

    • Policy Manager lets you configure and organize policies based on your
      enterprise’s standards. Create your own frequent policy reports as an
      administrator or account operator.
    • Scoping is a configurable, easy-to-use method for limiting your field of
      reporting within a domain to speed up reporting on specific portions of your
    • Store your favorite Administrative Reports in the Favorites repository for
      fast and easy report generation.

  • IP Monitor
    (May 2001)
    probes or transacts with network services and devices
    on regular intervals to be sure that they are available and responsive
    around-the-clock. If a failure or degradation occurs, ipMonitor will notify
    scheduled administrators by pager, digital phone, email, and network broadcast.
    ipMonitor can also attempt to correct failures when they occur by restoring the
    failed resource or by restarting the appropriate service. Now, with ipMonitor
    you can be the first to know about problems, not the last.

  • Unused Account

    When Unused Account Ferret
    completes a scan, it displays a list of unused accounts (based on the parameters
    that you supplied). You can then disable or delete the unused accounts manually,
    or let UAF do it for you in seconds.

  • VigilEnt
    Security Agent for Windows NT

    • Provides centralized security management of your Windows NT systems and
    • Monitors system activity with real time notification of suspicious activity
    • Pinpoints potential security exposures in your Windows NT environment
      through scheduled audits
    • Manages and monitors Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 from a common console
    • Integrates with VigilEnt Security Manager to provide an enterprise-wide
      security solution for operating systems, databases, applications, and Web

  • Ideal Migration

    • Runs under MMC 1.1 or higher
    • NT 3.51/4.00 domain consolidation
    • Migration from Windows NT domains to Windows 2000
    • Migration from Windows 2000 to Windows NT domains
    • Windows 2000 domain consolidation
    • Off-line and on-line migration
    • ******** Migrate user account passwords from Windows NT to Windows NT / 2000
    • SIDHistory management
    • Migrate Terminal Server properties
    • Manage multiple source computers/domains
    • Manage multiple destination computers/domains
    • Record object properties into CSV files
    • Three modes : Add, Modify, or Add and Modify
    • Migration wizard
    • Migration by category
    • Selected objects migration on one or several computers/domains
    • Consolidated/Migrated objects

      • Computer accounts,
      • user groups,
      • user accounts,
      • group memberships,
      • organizational units,
      • shared folders,
      • printers ports,
      • printers,
      • file and folder securities

  • Beyond Compare

    commercial utility that combines
    directory compare and file compare functions in one package. Use it to manage
    source code, keep directories in sync, compare program output, etc.

  • IP
    Subnetter Free Utility

    subnets, subnet mask, binary hosts, binary masks, broadcast address, host range,
    and more.

  • Delete Old

    DelOld is a program which deletes
    files older than a certain number of days. Freeware.

  • Free Tools
    from SystemTools.com

    • SystemTools TScmd
      A command-line utility to set
      terminal server user settings. All eighteen (18) terminal server settings can be

    • Password Age
      Displays the age of the password for user
      and computer accounts. For computer accounts, this information can be used to
      determine if the computer is no longer being used. For users, it can be used to
      determine which accounts are not being used or have expired.

    • SystemTools RenameUser
      A command-line utility to rename
      Windows NT user accounts from the command line. Generally, this utility should
      NOT be used under Windows 2000.

    • LPRman
      Utility that allows remote creation and
      management of LPR ports.

    • SystemTools Exporter
      Standalone command-line utility
      for exporting users, groups, group members, services, computers, disk space, and
      printers (in any combination) from any or all computers on any Windows
      NT/Windows 2000 domain. Includes online .HLP documentation file. Exporter is
      also integrated into Hyena.

    • SystemTools NTconnect
      Utility for creating a NetwareR
      – like login script, allowing commands for connecting drives and printers to be
      executed conditionally based on user and/or group membership. Also supports
      program execution and registry modification. Includes Help file and examples.
      NOTE: This utility will only run on NT clients; it will NOT run on Window 9x

    • SystemTools Logoff
      This utility (15kb) logs off the
      current session. Includes source code and comments.

    • DumpSec, DumpReg, DumpEvt
      Must-have products from
      Somarsoft, Inc. to dump NTFS permissions, user information, event logs, and
      registry information. DumpSec (formerly known as DumpAcl) also dumps out the
      users last logon information. These utilities are now maintained by SystemTools

    • NetUsers
      A command-line utility to view the locally
      logged on users to a specified computer. Can be used to show the current
      interactive users, or a list of all users to ever logon through the computer.
      Use /? to view syntax.

    • NetView
      A command-line version of Network Neighborhood
      or Net View, which supports filtering of specific types of computers returned
      (SQL, workstations only, etc.). Use /? to view syntax.

    • Win Info
      A nice utility showing information about your
      NT installation including: version, build number, installation date, and whether
      it is a full or time limited version.

  • Pedestal Software
    Security software for Windows NT and
    Windows 2000

    a powerful lockdown utility.
    Enables administrators to lock down Windows NT and Windows 2000 machines using
    custom-built or industry-standard security policy guidelines such as those
    developed by Microsoft, NSA, or SANS. Actively scan, report and fix security
    settings on machines across your network without installing agents.
    Change Detection System

    detects changes in
    computer systems by taking a snapshot of system objects and then comparing the
    snapshot to the active system in real-time. Intact assures that a compromise has
    not occurred when intrusion attempts are detected and that your information is
    still the same as it was before the attack started.

    Windows 2000

    Manipulate NTFS, Registry, Shares, Users
    and Groups, Printer Security and Auditing.

  • LS-Tools Freeware-Tools for NT

    • ln.exe : Creates a hardlink on a NTFS

    • Down.exe : Using this program you can
      shutdown your own or a remote machine. Has a W2K suspend option.

    • APM.exe : Display battery status and
      hibernate/suspend the computer (Windows 2000).

    • ErrorText.exe : Do you even love that
      nice error messages like “Error 0x5”? In most cases this codes come from a
      failed Win32 Api call. Using ErrorText you can translate them into clear text –

    • CopyToSystem.exe : Copies some files
      to the system-directory. Works on Win95 and NT. Using this command you can use
      the same batch files on both systems.

    • ClipDump.exe : Prints the content of
      the clipboard (text only) to stdout.

    • scacl.exe : View and modify the
      security settings of services. Allow users to stop/start services.

  • Jespers Free
    NT Tools

    They where written for the Center for Applied Computer Science

    • elDump : Console app to dump the
      contents of an Windows NT event log. Much like the dumpel tool in the NT
      Resource Kit, but often faster and with several extra features..

    • elSave : Console app to save and/or
      clear a Windows NT event log.

    • elSavClr : Console app to
      periodically save and clear the NT event logs.

    • NetViewX : Console app to list
      servers in a domain/workgroup running specific services.

    • SrvBoot : Console app to list when NT
      servers was booted.

    • UserSes : Console app to list NT
      logon/logoff sessions for one or more users.

    • WsSes : Console app to list NT
      logon/logoff sessions from one or more workstations.

  • Mark Russinovich’s freeware PsTools suite
    All of the
    utilities in the PsTools suite work on both Windows NT and Windows 2000.

    PsExec : execute processes remotely

    PsFile : shows files opened remotely

    PsGetSid : display the SID of a
    computer or a user
    PsKill : kill processes by name or
    process ID
    PsList : list detailed information
    about processes
    PsLoggedOn : see who’s logged on
    locally and via resource sharing (full source is included)
    PsLogList : dump event log records

    PsService : view and control services

    PsShutdown : shuts down and
    optionally reboots a computer
    PsUptime : shows you how long a
    system has been running since its last reboot

  • Freeware NT
    Utilities by Alex

    NetSend : small and simple NT GUI utility to send messages via MS LAN Manager
    to lists of recipients. Replacement for “net send”
    WINSDum : export a WINS database.
    Replacement for Resource kit utility with more functions.
    LLogon : small utility to show user’s last
    logon time and the number of times a user was authorised.
    SymView : show original C function names,
    parameters types and other useful info in DLLs

  • WDumpEvt
    administration tool to work with Windows NT/Windows
    2000 event logs. 30 day eval available.

  • SiteKiosk
    Secure internet browser software for the kiosk
    environment – based on IE

  • UserLock
    Windows NT 4.0
    does not offer the option of limiting the number of interactive simultaneous
    connections on the network for accounts. An account can be logged on
    simultaneously to multiple workstations. Features:

    • Installed only on the domain controller
    • Limits the number of simultaneous connections under the same username on the
      entire Windows NT network.
    • Tracks the activity on the event log of PDC
    • Manages single and multi-domain networks
    • restrains simultaneous connections on all computers with Windows 3.x, 9x and
    • Tracks the activity on the event log of PDC

  • www.tools4nt.com
    SpaceGuard : An administrator can actively
    control or passively monitor disk space usage by users or groups. Quotas can be
    added automatically to new users with the “auto-add” function. Whenever a
    managed object (directory, subdirectory or share) changes in size, SpaceGuard
    checks to see if it has reached its warning threshold or its quota limit.
    SpaceGuard sends messages to the administrator and user via pop-up or any MAPI
    & SMTP compliant messaging system. Write access to the disk can be revoked.

    UserManagemeNT Professional : allows you to move users’ home directories, shares and user data
    from one server to another, even across (resource) domains. Creates new home
    directories & shares on the target server and moves all user data as well.
    You can specify what you want to do with the old home directory and share.
    Supports change group memberships – move users from one user template
    (collection of global group memberships) to another. Supports removing a user
    from a system completely, including the user account, home directory &
    share, user data, group memberships and Exchange mailbox.
    UserManagemeNT Lite (freeware) : creates
    new NT users in seconds, including username, home directory & share (with
    self-definable ACL settings), group memberships and Exchange mailbox. You only
    have to enter the user’s full name, select a domain, home server & user
    template and press Apply. UserManagemeNT Lite will automatically create the user
    and all its resources.
    UserManagemeNT Delegation :
    allows you to delegate simple, repetitive
    administrative tasks to end users or groups. These delegate administrators can
    manage selected global groups in the NT network.
    UserManagemeNT IMPORT : migration tool,
    creates hundreds of new NT users automatically. It only needs a batch file with
    users’ full names to create new usernames, home directories & shares (with
    self-definable ACLs), group memberships, Exchange mailboxes and more. Use for
    easy migration to NT/ Exchange/ Windows 2000 or NT domain reconfiguration.
    UserManagemeNT IMPORT is a great solution for schools and universities to import
    new students.
    Network ServaNT : integrates User Manager, Server Manager, the Explorer, the Event
    Viewer and Tools4ever’s own tools UserManagemeNT Lite and FREEping Gold. Network
    ServaNT allows you to manage and create reports on domains, users, local and
    global groups, servers, ACL’s, shares/ files/ directories, open files, security,
    etc. with just one tool and a few mouse clicks! It also monitors the
    availability of vital systems in your network.
    FREEping (freeware) : monitoring tool which
    will ping all NT servers (or any other IP address) in free-definable intervals;
    will send a popup message when a system stops responding.
    Policy Template Editor : Creates or edits
    the Policy Template files of the System Policy Editor. Includes much extended
    choices not available from Microsoft.

  • Bootdisk.com
    downloadable images of every bootdisk one can imagine
    including DOS, Win9x, NT, W2K,…

  • Registry Tool

    imports and backs up the Windows
    Registry creating a stand-alone Registry Tool Database, letting you research or
    simply surf through the Registry Tool Database and not worry about damaging the
    Windows Registry. Back up as many registries, or save as many versions of the
    same computer’s Registry, as you want and restore all or part of any Registry
    Tool Database. Editing is performed on the Registry Tool Database first; it is
    an OPTION to have Registry Tool edit the Windows Registry. This feature enables
    you to edit Registry backups, build “profiles” of installed components, maintain
    non networked registries, and create custom Registry Tool Databases containing
    specific keys and values for custom restores. After any edit is performed, the
    RollBack (UnDo) feature gives you the power to UnDo edits in BOTH the Registry
    Tool Database and the Windows Registry. Registry Tool’s Registry Functions
    PageFrame puts the most commonly needed OLE and file association keys and values
    at your fingertips, duplicates the Windows Registry search patterns, and enables
    you to determine how the imported Registry functions in Windows.

  • Dimension4
    freeware time
    synch utility

  • AutoIt

    tool that can simulate key presses,
    mouse movements and window commands. When AutoIt is executed, it reads a
    specified script file. This script file allows AutoIt to perform a number of
    functions, these include:

    • Executing programs (Windows applications, DOS commands, etc.)
    • Sending keystrokes and mouse clicks (all characters, keyboard layout
    • Window functions (e.g. minimizing, hiding, restoring, waiting for,
    • Simple text clipboard functions.
    • Simple registry functions.
    • Simple string and variable functions.
    Best of all, its small (self
    contained .exe, no DLL’s, no registry entries) and FREE!

  • PortMapper
    Do you need to
    map a specific TCP or UDP port on your machine to another port on another

  • Modem sharing :

    • Spartacom SAPS

      Asynchronous Port and Modem Sharing
      Software – lets users access pooled modems across the LAN or WAN for outbound
      calls and works with Win9x and NT.

    • Tactical Software

      Solutions for connecting PCs to shared
      modems and serial devices

  • OnTrack’s

    Originally called Tiramisu.
    safe, low-cost do-it-yourself data recovery solution

  • Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG)
    a tool to monitor traffic load on network-links. MRTG
    generates HTML pages containing GIF images which provide a LIVE visual
    representation of this traffic. Check http://www.ee.ethz.ch/stats/mrtg/ for an
    example. MRTG is based on Perl and C and works under UNIX and Windows NT. MRTG
    is being successfully used on many sites around the net.

  • Repair Disk Manager
    automates the process of creating emergency repair disks. RepairDisk
    Manager provides an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows system
    administrators to quickly schedule repair disk runs throughout the enterprise
    daily, weekly, or monthly on a regular basis.

  • Enterprise
    Configuration Manager

    automates and
    centralizes tedious and repetitive tasks, and efficiently monitors Windows NT
    Workstation and Server configuration settings–allowing administrators to
    implement enterprise-wide standards

  • NT Service Account

    manage Services and Service
    Account Passwords on thousands of NT Systems in a single operation

  • Multi-Remote

    every operation in Multi-Remote
    Registry Change is designed from the ground up to operate on multiple computers
    simultaneously. With the default settings, it is just as fast to do most
    operations on 50 computers as it is on one. On a fast computer, with a fast
    network it is possible to do hundreds simultaneously! The thread manager
    routines for each operation ensure that the maximum number of worker threads are
    always active until the operation is completed.

  • www.printmanagerplus.com
    Print Manager Plus: allows full control of
    printing usage. Quotas can be set on pages, pages per job, job size, and even
    job type.
    Print Queue Manager Plus: allows full printing management for a Windows NT network. Features
    include Print ReDirection, Printing Disaster Recovery, Load Balancing, Printer
    Status, Printer Grouping, Print Broadcasting.
    remote network printing console for NT. This
    console allows an administrator to remotely see all printers in a domain or
    domains from his or hers workstation. Manipulate Print Jobs and Printers as if
    you were at that server.

  • www.logicalsoftware.com
    Account Passworder Tool: change the
    password of the administrator account on *every* selected computer in a domain.
    This includes domain controllers, servers, and workstations.
    Account Migrator Tool: migrates (copies)
    user accounts and groups you select from one domain to another.
    Local Admingroup Tool: Set Domain Account
    (and/or group) members to members of local administrator groups on any computer
    in your LAN.
    Local User Rights Tool: Add domain members to user rights on remote workstations. Available
    rights include “Change System Time,” “backup files”, “restore” and “Shutdown the

    real-time monitoring and
    session-by-session accounting for RAS connections

  • Did you ever have to find out parent of a process? mpc source code
  • www.admwin.com
    Windows XP / 2000 / NT management programs in one:

    • SetupBatcher
      create/edit/delete user accounts, passwords, groups, OUs, directories, shares,
      FTP and web directories, mailboxes, permissions, registry settings etc. on one
      or many servers or workstations at once. Run commands on remote machines.
    • SetupExplorer
      view, edit, sort and
      export accounts, AD-properties, OU+group membership and shares. Supports both
      servers and workstations.
    • NTinfo
      extract and display network,
      event log and system information from one or many computers in a Windows domain
    • NTreport
      system report batch tool
      for Windows domains.
    • WinRemote
      remote management utility
      for Windows 2000 and NT machines. Features: remote command prompt, remote
      process manager, remote service manager, remote screen shot and remote shut down

  • WinImage
    a powerful disk
    utility that enables users to make a disk image from a floppy, extract files
    from image, make an empty image, put the image on blank disk

  • DumpSEC dumps permissions (DACLs) and audit settings (SACLs)
    for the file system, registry, printers and shares in a concise, readable
    listbox format. DumpSec also dumps user, group and replication information.

  • NT command-line security utilities
    commandline NTFS utilities :
    saveACL saves NTFS file, directory and ownership permissions
    to a file
    restACL restores NTFS file permissions
    and ownership from a saveacl file
    listACL lists
    NTFS file permissions and auditing settings in human readable format
    swapACL swaps NTFS permissions from one user or group to
    igrant grants NTFS permissions to
    users/groups on directories and files
    revokes NTFS permissions to users/groups on directories and files
    setowner sets the ownership of files and directories

    audit add and remove audit triggers to files and
    swapdomain swap one domain for
    commandline registry utilities :
    reglistACL print registry subkey security and auditing
    settings to the screen
    reggrant grant access to
    users and groups on registry subkeys
    revoke access from users and groups on subkeys
    regsetOWNER change registry subkey ownership
    regswapACL swaps permissions from one user or group to
    regAUDIT add and delete auditing settings to
    local and remote registry keys
    ntreg manipulate keys
    and values
    commandline Shares utilities :
    sharelistACL list local and remote network share
    sharegrant grant access to local and remote
    network shares
    sharerevoke revoke access from local
    and remote network shares
    commandline Services utilities :

    servicelistACL list service
    servicegrant grant permissions to
    servicerevoke revoke service
    serviceaudit set service
    servicesetowner change service

  • SmallWonders

    Security Explorer :
    utility to search for and modify Windows NT/2000 security on NTFS drives,
    the Registry, and Shares. Search across subdirectories for permissions. Grant,
    revoke, and clone permissions across subdirectories without affecting any other
    user’s permissions. Select 50 shares on a server and grant permissions to
    multiple users and groups simultaneously. Export permissions to a database for
    further analysis and reporting. Back up file permissions and restore them if
    necessary. Set ownership on files and directories. Seamless integration with the
    Windows NT/2000
    Secure Copy : allowing an
    administrator to copy files and directories on NTFS partitions while keeping the
    security intact, creating shares, and migrating local groups
    Enterprise Security Reporter : analyze, query and report on
    the security and configuration of your network
    Explorer :
    allows Windows NT/2000 administrators to manage multiple
    services across multiple servers simultaneously

  • RegMon
    Registry monitoring
    utility that will show you which applications are accessing your Registry, which
    keys they are accessing, and the Registry data that they are reading and writing
    – all in real-time

  • Idem
    utility that enables
    the user to automate file synchronization and replication

  • WebTwin

    Convert HTML files, web sites and
    Intranets to Windows Help Files

  • @round NT kernel

    free utilities:
    GetRAM Usage : GetRAM or GetRAM MachineName or GetRAM
    DELPART utility allows you to delete NTFS
    or HPFS partitions under DOS

  • OpalisRobot
    OpalisRobot is
    a comprehensive system management and automation solution. It acts as a 24/7
    watch dog to detect and address system malfunctions, maximizing server
    availability and performance. A single, graphical interface delivers real-time
    monitoring, notification, corrective action and job scheduling to enable
    proactive administration over Windows NT/2000 environments. …

  • Watch Dog
    network services
    monitor, Internet Watch Dog can monitor a virtually unlimited number of services
    on your TCP/IP network and notify of alarm conditions. 30 day trial. Inexpensive

  • AG Group
    EtherPeek Ethernet network
    traffic and protocol analyzer
    WatchPoint is a
    real-time internet server monitor, captures user’s interactions with web and ftp
    NetSense performs expert analysis of
    peer-to-peer conversations in packets captured from EtherPeek or TokenPeek, or
    from packet traces that have been converted to “Peek” format with ProConvert.

    ProConvert takes packet traces from a variety of
    packet analyzers and converts them to and from “Peek” format,

  • RippleTech
    RippleTech LogCaster is a suite of network services
    dedicated to the real-time monitoring of Windows NT event logs, TCP/IP servers
    and devices, Windows NT system and application services, Agent-level Performance
    Monitoring, Applications and ASCII files.

  • VMWare

    VMWARE for NT, Windows2000, Linux : lets
    you run multiple operating systems in different windows simulatenously – choices
    in windows are Linux, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, DOS,
    NetWare, FreeBSD, and more … . Wonderful for developers, help desk, systems
    support (multiple OSs). Take the virtual tour to get a better idea of the

  • Borland C++ Compiler 5.5
    Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 is a blazingly fast 32-bit optimizing compiler.
    It includes the latest ANSI/ISO C++ compliance including the RTL, the STL
    framework and C++ template support. And now, Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 is openly
    available for free download!

  • PCMag

    Don’t forget this collection
    of free EXCELLENT utilities

  • Stealth Activity
    Recorder & Reporter

    Can be used to
    monitor for inappropriate behavior or to record activity on a kiosk. Can be
    abused as a hidden trojan.

  • Paperbits
    Great source of NT drivers

  • Super Win Software

    Registry Crash
    : backs up the Registry and important configuration files,
    provides fivefold protection from system crashes, and also backs up any and all
    files that you desire.
    Add/Remove Pro : displays
    the entries in the Add/Remove Programs list of Windows Registry, checks if each
    is valid, and uninstalls the selected program or removes the entry from the

  • NetSwitcherT – Windows
    95/98/NT/2000 Network Setup Utility
    utilities lets you save and restore network settings. Invaluable if you have a
    network at home and at work or if you have to connect to various networks at
    work. Shareware $9 via credit card.

  • Freeware Internet Mail

  • NT Telnet Server
    (Georgia Softworks)

  • GNU Emacs
  • Ghostscript
    (Postscript previewer)

  • Tardis Time

  • Services Admin tools
  • DNS Resources

  • ISC Dynamic Host
    Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

  • High Performance Computing on Windows NT
  • ActiveWins Driver Page
  • BIOS Survival Guide
  • Drivers

  • Tom’s Hardware

  • Hardware Central
  • Maximum Hardware

  • Motherboard

  • Motherboard

  • NT Adapter Card Help
  • Digi (RAS hw)
  • Virual Network Connection (freeware)
  • w32 scripting

  • TPC Benchmarks
  • Mac-Windows

  • SANS NT Tool Recommendations
  • Kerboros links
  • Backup hw links
  • Backup sw links
  • NT Cluster

  • File Formats
  • Device Driver Development

  • Free Source Code
  • CiTR!X support

  • Ultimate Freeware Archive Utility

FAQs / Tutorials /
Educational/ Informational Sites

Specialized useful to
Windows NT users

  • SuperCat
    Finding files on
    hard drives can be a nightmare, and finding files on removable disks such as
    CD-ROMs, Zip disks and diskettes can be impossible. SuperCat lets you catalog
    and search all your disks

  • TestDisk
    tool to check and/or undelete partitions. Works with the following partitions:

    • FAT12 FAT16 FAT32
    • Linux EXT2/EXT3
    • Linux SWAP (version 1 and 2)
    • NTFS (Windows NT/W2K/XP)
    • BeFS (BeOS)
    • UFS (BSD)
    • Netware
    • ReiserFS

  • Glenn Alcott Utilities for Windows NT / 2000 / XP

    Power Edit : excellent
    replacement for Notepad or Wordpad
    Super Explorer :
    Enhanced Explorer with multiple windows, file preview

    Directory Printer : Print and
    export listings of files and directories, with many formatting options

    Directory Compare : Compare,
    synchronize and manage directories
    Super Text
    Search :
    Search files for any text, including powerful
    wildcard searches
    FontLook : Display, print, preview and install fonts

  • Hard drive encyrption:

  • Pop-up stopper
    Stop pop-ups, X10 and Casino ads! Clean
    cookies and more!

  • PingPlotter
    Freeware graphical ping tracerouter. Useful when that web site
    seems slow.

  • ShellON
    Shell Management utility for NT / W2K

  • IPTCExt shell
    extension for Windows NT, W2K, XP

    IPTCExt is a free shell extension for Windows that adds shell
    support for viewing and editing IPTC info in JPEG image files. IPTC editing is
    completely lossless (i.e. no decompression of image data), and edited IPTC info
    is compatible with Adobe Photoshop. IPTC is a standard of The International
    Press Telecommunications Council, and was designed to identify transmitted text
    and images. This standard includes entries for captions, keywords, categories,
    credits, and origins. IPTC is supported by programs such as Adobe Photoshop,
    PhotoThumb, and most professional image database software. You can view IPTC
    fields in the details view by customizing the columns to choose which fields you
    want to see. IPTCExt also adds pages to the property sheet for jpeg files that
    allows you to edit IPTC data for one or multiple files. If you edit multiple
    files, a separate progress/cancel dialog is displayed, so that you can cancel
    the operation at any time. Although IPTCExt has been tested with image files
    from many different sources, it is recommended that you first back up your
    important files before adding IPTC information.

  • FreshDiagnose
    Fresh Diagnose is a freeware utility designed to analyze and
    benchmark your computer system. It can analyze and benchmark many kinds of
    hardware, such as CPU performance, hard disk performance, video system
    information, mainboard information, and many more!

  • SlipStick
    resource for Outlook and Exchange

  • Mo’Slo
    you can test Internet connection speed right.
    The site will download random text from its Website to the connected PC, measure
    the time for the download and report on the connection speed. PCPitstop will
    test a user’s PC, compare it with other similar PCs, and offers a database of
    test results you can use to compare your PCs with those that other users have
    had tested. You can download various fixes to solve the problem.

  • PCPitStop

  • 1st QuickRes

    controls display settings, wallpapers,
    screen savers and color schemes from a convenient system tray icon. switch color
    depth, resolution and refresh rate on-the-fly, with preview of changes and
    options to confirm them or not. retains positions and sizes of desktop windows
    and icons. feature-limited freeware version available

  • OfficeRecovery

    recovery software for corrupted
    Microsoft Office files.

  • FileRescue

  • LView Pro Image Processor
  • TClock Customize Taskbar allows you to modify the clock on the taskbar in Windows
    95/98/NT4.0/W2K. Following functions are available:

    • Change color, background color, and font of the clock.
    • Show year, month, day, hour, minute, second, and day.
    • Alarm, Time signal, Timer.
    • Add some functions with mouse operation
    • Modify the icon and letters on the Start button.
    • Modify the “Windows95” on the start menu. (Sample)
    • Automatically update the “Desktop Calendar” (by Shinonon).
    • Synchronize the internal clock with internet time servers.
    program is a freeware. The program source is also included.

  • PGP Freeware
    MITs Pretty Good Privacy

  • Desktop Architect
    Freeware theme manager. Features:

    • Full support for Windows themes: Desktop Architect reads and writes themes
      in the Windows 95/98 formats as well as the default format which includes
      expanded support for additional theme items.
    • Full preview of every theme element
    • Support for additional icons: This feature allows you to change most of the
      system icons in Windows including folders, devices, printers, file associations,
      and much more. Desktop Architect even imports popular 3rd party icon theme
    • Integrated Theme Scheduler
    • Additional Interface Enhancements: transparent desktop icons, a quick theme
      tab in the Display Properties, and a tray icon.
    • Theme Package Wizard: The Theme Package Wizard allows you distribute your
      theme as a self-installing package or a simple zip file.
    • Theme Install Wizard: The Theme Install Wizard simplifies using themes
      downloaded from the Internet. It automatically finds the files needed for the
      theme, including fonts, and installs them to the appropriate places.

  • Shutdown Monitor
    programs when Windows 95/NT shuts down. The program will execute different sets
    for different user profiles.

  • WinGate
    share an Internet connection (cable, adsl) with an
    entire home network

  • Win9x, NT Shell extensions

  • FTP Control
    a family of three Windows 98/95/NT4 programs that
    makes it easy to move files across the Internet, Intranet, or network. FTP
    Control Lite supports the basic functions required to upload files to the
    Internet, including server profiles, FTP browsing and file transfers. FTP
    Control Pro adds the ability to resume broken links or aborted transfers,
    bookmarks, MRU and proxy support, remote commands and attribute settings, plus a
    queuing system that allows you to specify a collection of files to be transfered
    in unattended mode. FTP Control Power allows direct file transfers between two
    remote servers, multiple simultaneous open FTP connections and sessions, and
    support for .ZIP file compression, as well as scrambling and encryption of
    files. It also lets you create scripts to perform complex file transfers,
    schedule them for attended or unattended operations, and even turn the scripts
    into executable files that can be distributed to others, and run on machines
    that don’t have FTP Control Power. The program includes a Scripting Wizard and
    60 sample scripts.

  • SmartFTP


    • Windows XP / IE like user interface
    • XP Theme Support
    • Drag & Drop within internal windows and from Explorer
    • Multi Connections (remote and local)
    • FXP support
    • Transfer Queue

      • Sheduling
      • Uploads/Downloads/FXP
      • Up to 16 simultaneous threads
      • Ultra-Fast-Queue-Directory-Contents-Speed-Feature

    • FTPSearch Interface
    • Favorites as used in IE
    • Global History
    • Recursive Downloads / Uploads / Deletes
    • Resume for broken Transfers (ul/dl/fxp)
    • Background Transfers
    • Proxy / Firewall support
    • SOCKS5, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A (MS Proxy)
    • Wingate, Winproxy, CSM
    • Passive Transfer Mode (PASV)
    • Bands
    • Local Folder Browser, Transfer Queue
    • Commandline for manually entering direct commands
    • Active Log Control and Logging to File
    • Quick / Recent Folders

  • Timed FTP
    Freeware utility
    to transfer files continuously with a time interval that user can set. Use to
    transfer, for example, webcam-pictures to your internet-server. Timed FTP can
    also determine if the file is changed and it will be uploaded only then.

  • Surge FTP
    (Oct 2001)
  • Stellar-X freeware TFTP client / server (July 2001)
  • NT Fax Solutions
  • Password

    Windows 9x and NT systems allow
    a convenient storage of frequently used passwords, such as the password of your
    dial-in ISP or FTP connection. Activate the utility, drag the “key” mouse cursor
    on the password field and your password is revealed instantly directly in the
    password field(s). See whats behind the *********s


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