Nutanix Announce IPO

Nutanix, a huge player in the hyperconvergence market, has announce its intent for public offering. On their S1 form they said they are looking to make $200 million by going public. Nutanix has been around for several years, they have over 1,000 employees, offer their own hardware, and now even their own software in a hypervisor they are calling Acropalypse. I don’t think many people are surprised that Nutanix announced its IPO, but will it be enough?

The S1 states $200 million in the goal, but is that enough? Nutanix has a pretty high burn rate and a large number of employees for what some may consider a “start up,” though a seasoned one at this point. TIming is pretty important when you IPO, but it’s almost impossible to predict. However, if it was becoming more difficult for Nutanix to raise funds privately, they may not have a choice. The only other way to raise money, is to sell the product. While I think Nutanix has a pretty interesting product, and a solid product, it’s still early in the hyperconvergence market. I can’t help but wonder if that demographic will also be struggling against the whitebox market as well.

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