Nutanix to Create it’s own Hypervisor

I was on a recent episode of the In Tech We Trust podcast and we discussed many topics, but one that might be very interesting to virtualization admins is the rumor that Nutanix may be creating its own hypervisor. This is very interesting news as this could come as a blow to VMware which has been they hypervisor of choice for the Nutanix hyperconverged solution. Is this something that could kill VMware? Not in my opinion, but it could hurt them a bit. In my opinion, if Nutanix is smart they’ll continue to sell multiple hypervisors with there infrastructure solution, but I’m not against a homebrewed solution for them either.

I can see this being very popular in the SMB, if the price point matches. Companies like Scale Computing has been doing a great job at marketing their own solution to the SMB and continues to thrive. Often these homebrewed hypervisors don’t have the same feature set as VMware (and which hypervisor does?), but they’re great for smaller companies that don’t need all the bells and whistles. Nutanix can be a little expensive, though, and that’s where Scale Computing has them beat (not to mention they’ve been working with this market longer). At any rate, it’s something to watch and see how not only the hyperconverged wars fair, but now the hypervisor wars as well.

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