Nutanix updates its line of hyper-converged hardware and software

A couple of years ago, Nutanix hit the market with aplomb with a hyper-converged hardware/software bundle that aimed to revolutionize and simplify the data center.  The company created and made available a hardware device that takes a building block approach to enterprise computing.  With the Nutanix node-based approach to infrastructure, if you run out of, say, storage, you simply add another block.  It’s revolutionary and ideas like this are sorely needed in order to simplify IT.

However, all along, Nutanix knew that its solution wasn’t perfect.  They have never intended to be all things to all people.  In fact, using my example above… if an organization runs out of a single resource – storage – but still has plenty of compute and RAM resources, it’s a shame to have to pay for more.  In June 2013, Nutanix became more things to more people through the release of resource-differentiated, but completely compatible, new node hardware.  This allows organizations that need to add more storage to do so without having to pay for what they don’t need.

Joining the Nutanix NX-2000 and NX-3000 lines are the NX-1050, the NX-6050 and the NX-6070.  The NX-1050 is intended to target small offices and, when used with VDI, can support up to 50 users per node.  The NX-1050 has a 400 GB SSD and 4 x 1 TB hard drives.  The NX-6050 boasts a part of 400 GB SSDs and 4 x 4 TB hard drives, making it a storage behemoth on a per-node basis.  The NX-6070 boosts the SSD capacity by using a pair of 800 GB SSDs.  The figure below gives you a look at the current Nutanix line.


I’ve found Nutanix to be refreshingly innovative in a market that is increasingly competitive.  As a former CIO, I love solutions that can simplify the data center.

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