Office 2010 Administrative Template files (ADM, ADMX/ADML) and Office Customization Tool download

This download includes Group Policy Administrative Template files and Office Customization Tool files for use with Office 2010  applications. It also includes an \Admin folder with an Office Customization Tool, and ADMX, ADML, and ADM versions of Office 2010 system Administrative Template files. For administrative template files, you may use the ADM files for any Windows operating system, or the combination of ADMX and language-specific ADML files on computers running at least Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. This download version contains updates to support Office 2010 SP2. For the latest information about policy settings, please refer to the updated Microsoft Excel 2010 workbook, Office2010GroupPolicyAndOCTSettings_Reference.xls, which is available in the Files to download section of this download page. The updated workbook, Office2010GroupPolicyAndOCTSettings_Reference.xls, contains settings changes that were made after the download package was built.

For more information about this download, see Office 2010 Administrative Template files (ADM, ADMX, ADML) and Office Customization Tool, and the Related Resources at the bottom of this page.

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