Office 2010 for IT Pros

The Office 2010 technical preview was officially released at WPC today, so I met up with Ralf who gives us the low-down on what’s in Office 2010 for IT Pros along with demos of some new features. Here’s how the interview breaks down:

  • [1:23] What are some of the business justifications to upgrade to Office 2010?
  • [3:30] – Why would you buy Office considering we now have Office online offered for free?
  • [4:41] – What are some of the new features for IT Pros?
  • [8:04] – What is the migration story from Office 2003?
  • [9:09] – Demos of Office 2010
    • Microsoft Office backstage view
    • Accessibility Checker
    • Improved share/integration options with OCS, Sharepoint
    • Outlook: cleanup/ignore threads, multiple exchange accounts, management view
  • [14:32] – How does anywhere access differ from Office 2007?

Watch it out at:

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