Office 356 Beta Program

There are two business options in the beta program for Microsoft’s Office 365 – the Small Business and the Enterprise. The Small Business is designed for up to 25 employees with monthly subscriptions when the final release is launched. It has the essential email, calendar and website services. It is considered as a business solution that needs no dedicated IT staff. While, the enterprise is for any size organization that needs advanced IT configurations and control. It has Office Professional plus, Active Directory and archiving features. It is based on annual contracts with 24×7 IT support.

The beta program gives the necessary hands-on you need to take a decision whether Office 365 is good for your business or not! From an administrative point of view, using the account portal to manage user accounts and services, setting up email accounts, creating sites and other features is good experience for testing the platform. When Office 365 is generally available, your Office 365 Beta account automatically activates into trial status. All of your data will be preserved. You have 30 days from trial activation to decide if you would like to purchase.

To join the Office 365 beta program go here.

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