Office 365: AADSync and multiple tenants

So does the AADSync tool support synchronizing users from a single on-premises Active Directory forest to multiple Office 365 tenants?

The answer is yes it does. However, you must set up an AADSync server per tenant. Said in another way, it is not supported to use a single AADSync server for this scanario.

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Henrik Walther

3 thoughts on “Office 365: AADSync and multiple tenants”

  1. Henrik,

    Do you have a reference from Microsoft (i.e. MSDN or TechNet article) that states these types of implementations are supported? I was at a Microsoft event in December where this specific question was asked. MS stated it could work but was not supported at the time.

    Look forward to your response.


  2. I have heard the same thing from Microsoft. It could work, but multiple AADsync instances are not supported. Can you please confirm if this is a supported deployment?

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