Office 365 URL based filtering is just better and easier to sustain

One of the requirements for properly integrating with Microsoft Office 365 is to ensure that your clients and (in some instances such as hybrid Exchange) servers have access to all of the proper endpoints. To achieve this, most customers simply allow their clients internet access and there is no outbound restrictions put in place that would prevent access to the services.

However, there are some customers that want to only allow access to a minimal amount of endpoints on the Internet and have an outbound proxy device that is in place to ensure that they can control this closely. This control can be done in one of two ways:

  • A customer could use IP address filtering which will only allow their internal client machines access to the specific endpoint they specify.
  • They can also use URL based filtering which allows customers to control access by only allowing access to specific URL’s.

Many customers ask, “What are the challenges involved with IP vs. URL filtering? Which option is best for me? Is there a recommended option?”

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