Old but relevant: Hyper9 Highlights Management Must-Haves to Solve New Virtualization Challenges

While virtualization technology has delivered many benefits, organizations that have increased their virtualization footprint have quickly discovered unique challenges and requirements not present in traditional physical environments. To address these challenges Hyper9 (since acquired by SolarWinds), published a new white paper entitled “Top 5 Things You Need in a Virtualization Management Solution,” with important information that remains of value today.

From performance management and capacity planning to identification of VM sprawl and storage I/O bottlenecks, virtualization management solutions provide a wide range of advantages. This white paper walks through the key differences between the management of virtual and physical environments and provides tips on how to select an effective virtualization management solution.

Key topics covered in the white paper include:

  • How to use virtualization management tools to ensure optimal performance across your virtual environment.
  • How to leverage capacity planning to maintain sufficient levels and plan for future growth.
  • How to monitor VM lifecycles and growth patterns to proactively identify VM Sprawl.
  • How to use chargeback in a virtual environment to help control growth and track resource consumption.
  • How to eliminate storage I/O bottlenecks, one of the biggest threats to performance in a virtual environment.

Click here to download a free copy of this Hyper9 sponsored whitepaper.

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