Microsoft unveils new innovations for OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft unveiled some new innovations for SharePoint and OneDrive during the recent SharePoint Virtual Summit. Those innovations include powerful integrations across Office 365, Windows, and Azure.

Here are some of the specifics from the announcement.

Share Office 365 files directly from File Share on PC and Finder on Mac

The first added feature aims to make it easier for OneDrive users to share their Office 365 files with others. Starting this summer, you’ll be able to share those files directly from File Share if you’re using a PC, or Finder if you’re on a Mac. So you can simply go into the relevant program and then select the file or folder you want to share. Then you can send it to specific people or get a link so that anyone with that link, inside or outside your organization, can access those documents and collaborate with you. You will also be able to designate how long those shareable links remain active.

Collaborate with SharePoint communication sites

SharePoint and OneDrive

Another new feature that will be available this summer, communication sites offer outlets for your team to share information throughout your organization. The goal is for teams to use the sites to keep the rest of the organization engaged and informed. this makes it easy to share things like news and accomplishments. And then others can access the sites on the web, on PC or Mac, and in the SharePoint app.

Create custom SharePoint forms with PowerApps

Another new feature is the ability to create custom SharePoint forms using PowerApps. Previously, users only had access to use default SharePoint forms. But now you can have more control over the types of forms that you integrate into your SharePoint lists or libraries.

Automate approvals with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft also increased the integration of SharePoint with Microsoft Flow. So with the latest update, you’ll be able to send custom messages with documents submitted for approval. This can make the submission and approval process more personal and streamlined.

Use personalized search with Microsoft Graph

And finally, the latest update includes a more powerful search feature that leverages the ability of Microsoft Graph. The feature is aimed at surfacing more relevant and valuable results using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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