OpenDNS as a Poor Man’s Web Filter

Web Filters are expensive, as anyone who’s ever purchased a Web Filtering solution knows. One way to filter dangerous sites might be to use a DNS service that helps with blocking some of the more egregious sites. This solution is provided by They provide a free service where you use their DNS servers instead of your ISPs. They then send you to a safe Web page when you or your users attempt to connect to phishing, adult, anonymous proxies and other dangerous sites.

The good news about this solution is that it’s free. No, it’s definitely not an enterprise solution and there can be some problems with using it (such as when you’re a VPN client and need DNS services), but for small businesses and individuals, this could be an ideal solution to filtering out a lot of the dangerous sites out there on the Internet.

Implementing this is easy. Configure the DNS resolvers on your network to use the OpenDNS DNS server as their forwarders.

For more information about OpenDNS, check out:

Sorry for the short post tonight, time got ahead of me. I promise a more interesting and insightful posting tomorrow 🙂



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