Opera browser pre-ported to Freescale’s i.MX family of chipsets

Oslo, Norway – February 6, 2007

Opera Software today announced that the Opera 9 SDK for Devices has been pre-ported to Freescale’s widely-adopted i.MX family of multimedia applications processors. This solution enables OEMs to provide access to the Internet for consumer electronic devices such as portable media players, portable navigation devices, cell phones, ultra-portable computers and other Internet-enabled devices.

This pre-porting accelerates time-to-market for OEMs who base their products on the powerful i.MX family, enabling the full featured Opera browser for consumer electronic devices. Based on Opera’s widely deployed cross platform technology, the Opera 9 SDK for Devices allows OEMs bring Internet content and advanced AJAX-based Web applications to end-users.

Specializing in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors, Freescale provides advanced system-level solutions for wireless, mobile and other Internet-enabled devices. Featuring a high-level of on-chip integration and an advanced low-power system design, Freescale’s i.MX family of chipsets is optimized for multimedia applications.

“Our customers and their users demand innovative solutions to enhance and add value to their consumer electronic products,” said Monica Hamilton, director, Wireless Developer Network of Freescale. “The Opera 9 SDK for devices meets that expectation. As a recognized brand in browsers for mobile devices, Opera helps ensure that we maintain our reputation as being the industry’s leader in advanced system-level solutions.”

“By pre-porting Opera to Freescale’s i.MX family of chipsets, OEMs can reduce time-to-market and enable the full-featured Opera browser and Web applications when using Freescale’s family of chipsets,” says Scott Hedrick, executive vice president, Opera Software. “With our combined strengths, we are able to add value to the market and provide end-users with a richer Web experience on their devices.”

Featuring unique rendering technologies, spatial navigation and Widgets, the fast and compact Opera 9 SDK for Devices uses the latest Web technologies to provide end-users with an unparalleled browsing experience on any device.


The Opera 9 SDK for Devices is now available and includes support for i.MX chipsets in its standard SDK releases.

About Opera for Devices

Opera provides an optimized implementation of Internet technologies for handheld devices, digital TV and other devices, with innovative and powerful features that seamlessly adapt the Internet experience to suit varying screen sizes and input devices. In addition to being a full Internet browser, Opera is a high performance execution environment for Web applications and dynamic user interfaces based on interoperable open Web technologies such as AJAX. www.opera.com/devices/.

About Opera Software ASA

Opera Software ASA has redefined Web browsing for PCs, mobile phones and other networked devices. Opera’s cross- platform Web browser technology is renowned for its small size, performance and standards-compliance, while giving users a faster, safer and more dynamic online experience. Opera Software is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices around the world. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol OPERA. Learn more about Opera at www.opera.com.

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