Targeted attacks are well-planned cyberthreat activities aimed at specific organizations. In this paper, Trend Micro’s Researchers Cedric Pernet and Kenney Lu delve into the malicious activities of a cyberthreat group, known in the cybersecurity industry as Rocket Kitten, which has been hitting different public and private Israeli and European organizations. Rocket Kitten has so far launched two campaigns—“GHOLE” malware attacks and one we have dubbed “Operation Woolen-GoldFish.” We named it as such because “Woolen” is attributed to the malware developer and one of the threat actors behind this campaign; “GoldFish” serves as an attribute to the location of origin with which the campaign was seemingly launched from.

Download the paper from here – http://www.trendmicro.com/cloud-content/us/pdfs/security-intelligence/white-papers/wp-operation-woolen-goldfish.pdf

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