Optimizing Microsoft Exchange with the QLogic 10000 Series Adapter

Few applications describe “mission critical” like the enterprise e-mail engine. An estimated 918 million users start their day by checking e-mail messages, appointment calendars, and task lists. The always-on, always-connected global worker is never too far from this vital link.

The increased demands on the Microsoft Exchange Server make it critical to optimize the server’s I/O performance in the SAN. The QLogic 10000 Series 8Gb Fibre Channel Adapter meets that need for high performance. By integrating a unique I/O caching architecture with Fibre Channel connectivity, the 10000 Series Adapter significantly increases the performance of transactional I/O (IOPS) and I/O read latency for large Exchange data volumes. This combined approach of enterprise server I/O with server-based I/O caching using flash memory delivers dramatic and smoothly scalable application performance.

This document is intended for ITleadership, Exchange administrators, and all those accountable for the performance of the Exchange messaging infrastructure.

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