Oracle acquires Xsigo… why the hate?

I will preface this post by saying that, while I am an independent author, I am not impartial.  I don’t like Oracle.  The company is arrogant and greedy and makes no effort to hide this in any way.  Perhaps I should be glad that they’re so transparent, but there are few companies that I believe are as openly hostile toward their customers as Oracle.  I could keep linking to stories regarding Oracle’s disdain for its customers, the market and everything non-Oracle in general, but you probably know how to use Google.

This week, it was announced that Oracle intends to acquire Xsigo.  If you’re not aware, Xsigo is a hardware vendor that creates a device that allows you to connect any server to any storage. It’s solid technology from a vendor that really gets networking.

And now, they’re going to Oracle.

As soon as I hard the news, I sent a tweet that read “Hm. Another ruined company. RIP Xsigo.”  That tweet was retweeted a number of times.  One of the responses read, in part “It’s sad to see such great tech end up with Oracle.”

One person also questioned why I feel that Xsigo is a ruined company and that is the crux of this post.  The reason is simple: Oracle.  Oracle, the only company that refuses to “play nice” with anyone else.  Oracle, a company that goes out of its way to spread misinformation and scare customers into Oracle solutions rather than attempting to compete on merit.  With Xsigo, there are those that feel that the company’s best days are now over and that it will simply be incorporated into the Oracle proprietary stack and never see the light of day again.  Although Oracle has stated that this is not the case currently, I agree that the future of Xsigo is grim.

It’s a shame that a more forward-thinking, partner-oriented company didn’t scoop Xsigo up first.  It would have been a win/win rather than what we ended up with.

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