Oracle Announces General Availability Of Oracle® WebCenter Suite

Redwood Shores, Calif. 12-FEB-2007 05:00 AM Oracle today announced the general availability of Oracle® WebCenter Suite, a new component of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Oracle WebCenter Suite represents a step forward in increasing information worker productivity by integrating the latest Web 2.0 technologies with business processes and data sources to improve the way users work.

Oracle WebCenter Suite helps developers create more effective solutions that meld transactional processes, business intelligence, structured and unstructured content, communication and Web 2.0 services into a rich on-line work environment. In doing this, it enables a new generation of standards based applications that are interactive, customizable, extensible and integrated. Furthermore, Oracle WebCenter Suite is the foundation for the user interface of Oracle Fusion Applications. Today’s announcement is a both key step in the evolution of Oracle Fusion Architecture and an immediate tool for use with existing versions of Oracle Applications.

“Oracle WebCenter Suite is the first environment to provide a revolutionary approach to deploying the new wave of Web 2.0 technologies across the enterprise,” said Rahul B. Patel, vice president, Oracle Server Technologies. “Because Oracle WebCenter Suite will provide a comprehensive set of enterprise-class capabilities and rapid integration with Oracle and third party infrastructure, our customers can realize both an immediate boost to productivity and continuing long term savings.”

Oracle WebCenter Suite Overview
The following key feature areas are included in this release of Oracle WebCenter Suite:

  • Oracle WebCenter Framework is a J2EE development framework that adds rapid modular content creation and role based personalization into J2EE and Java Server Faces (JSF) based Web applications. It provides an optimized, declarative development environment for building highly interactive, customizable applications that can host standards-based components such as JSR-168 compliant portlets; with Oracle WebCenter Suite, Oracle is the first major vendor to provide support for the emerging WSRP 2.0 standard. The framework also provides a standard JSR-170 based content integration layer that allows developers to directly leverage content stored in diverse repositories from within their applications. This is an important step in the evolution of standards-based technologies for building intuitive, interactive and productive applications that blend multiple types and sources of information in a single context that reflects a user’s business function and interests. Multi-channel access for any Oracle WebCenter application is part of the Oracle WebCenter Framework so that users will have access to information whether in the office or on the move. It enables users to connect and work wherever they happen to be by exposing critical task flows and services through familiar mobile devices and desktop tools including Microsoft Office and Exchange.
  • Oracle WebCenter Services provide out-of-the-box support for multiple types of collaboration and information sharing. It is a collection of pre-built, horizontal, Web 2.0 services that includes content management, threaded discussions, wikis, secure enterprise search, instant messaging and online awareness. These services make it easier for developers to create rich user experiences that bring all types of information and tools together in a single place. Enterprises can use Oracle WebCenter Suite Services to quickly create “Enterprise Mashups” that are modular composite applications.
  • Oracle WebCenter Studio exposes the Oracle WebCenter Framework and Oracle WebCenter Services to programmers inside Oracle JDeveloper. Oracle WebCenter provides several wizards to help with essential development tasks such as building a portlet, consuming an existing portlet, creating a data control to a content repository, and securing the application (to mention just a few). By significantly reducing the amount of coding needed, Oracle WebCenter dramatically increases developer productivity.

Oracle WebCenter – A Compelling Vision
“The vision is compelling, combining transactional, collaborative and analytical modes of working into a single interface; rather than requiring users to jump back and forth between unintegrated enterprise, desktop, and web applications,” said Jim Murphy of AMR Research*. “Further, Oracle WebCenter Suite gives developers complete control on how different elements are combined regardless of source, and allows interfaces to be personalized by business users at the individual, group, and organizational levels.”

* AMR Report – “The Face of Oracle Apps: WebCenter Takes Center Stage”, Thursday, October 26, 2006, by Jim Murphy and Ian Finley

Pricing and Availability
A free evaluation version of Oracle WebCenter Suite is available at:…x.html. Oracle WebCenter Suite can be licensed as an option on top of Oracle Application Server Enterprise Edition at a cost of $50,000 per CPU. Terms, conditions, and restrictions apply.

Additional information on Oracle WebCenter Suite is available at:

About Oracle Fusion Middleware
The Company’s comprehensive, standards-based family of middleware software, Oracle Fusion Middleware enables customers to adopt and manage SOAs in heterogeneous computing environments. More than 31,000 customers now use Oracle Fusion Middleware and include leading organizations in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care and Public Sector industries. Oracle Fusion Middleware is also supported by 9,000 partners, including leading independent software vendors, value added resellers and system integrators.

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