Oren Novotny Updates Dlink IPSec Information

Oren wrote to me today with the following information:

I just posted a minor update to resolve a potential problem (more of a
preventative measure than any current bug).  Since it can sometimes take
a few seconds to save/refresh ISA’s settings, if it takes longer than
the timer interval, then there’s a potential for two threads to be
trying to do the same thing and that could be unpredictable.  Instead, I
added reentrancy detection to the timer callback so that it if the
previous call isn’t done executing to just skip the current call (but
log it).  That way, if a user has say 5 remote sites and they all change
at the same time, the worker thread will update all of them before the
next update thread checks the current values.
I don’t think it will affect very many people though unless they set the
interval down to something ridiculously low.  Anyway, the links are the
same; I just replaced the installer/src files.  The new installer will
do an upgrade from the previous version (but will not save the
settings.xml file), so it should be a trivial update for anyone that
downloaded the tool between the original post and a few min ago.

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