ORF Enterprise Edition 4.0 RTM

We are happy to announce that the new 4.0 version of ORF Enterprise Edition has been released today.



1) What’s new in version 4.0?

2) Getting the new version

3) Upgrading to version 4.0

4) PDF Spam Agent 1.0 Beta

5) Technical support

1) What’s new in version 4.0?


This version offers improvements in many areas of ORF, see some

highlighted changes below:

* Log Improvements

Email subject logging, improved log filtering and search.

* Auto Sender Whitelist Automatic Response Detection

Prevents automatic responses (e.g. Out of Office autoresponses)

from polluting the Auto Sender Whitelist.

* Combined Actions

Allows tagging and redirecting the email at the same time.

* Whitelist Test Exceptions:

This feature allows some blacklist tests to take precedence over

whitelists (Attachment Filtering, External Agents, Active

Directory Integration and the Recipient Blacklist), thus

malicious content can be filtered even when the email source

is whitelisted.

* External Databases

Use Microsoft SQL Server databases for storing the Auto Sender

Whitelist and Greylisting data.

* 64-bit Support

Now you can run ORF on 64-bit Windows Servers.

Learn more about the changes in the ORF Change Log:


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