Outlook 2007 Calendar Views Add-in

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Calendar Views Add-in v2.0 is available for download. This Add-in requires Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh (Build 12.0.4407.1005).

Brief Description
With the Outlook Calendar Views Add-in, you can easily create and manage filters to display subsets of appointments in Outlook Calendar. Filtered views are based on categories that you apply to appointments.

The Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Calendar Views Add-in makes it easy for you to view your Outlook Calendar appointments through a filter that is based on Outlook categories. For example, you can create a view that shows you only the appointments on your calendar that are categorized.

You add filters by using the Calendar Views toolbar, which opens in your Outlook Calendar after you install the add-in.

Tips for using this add-in are available from Work Essentials, a resource that provides free occupation focused expert advice, demos, templates and webcasts.

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