Outlook 2010 MAPI Reference Documentation

Microsoft released new documentation (Beta) to facilitate the development of Outlook 2010 messaging applications.

  • Outlook 2010: MAPI Reference – MAPI for Outlook 2010 provides a set of interfaces, functions, and other data types to facilitate the development of Outlook 2010 messaging applications. Applications and transports use MAPI to manipulate e-mail data, to create e-mail messages and the folders to store them in, and to support notifications of changes to existing MAPI-related data.
    The Outlook 2010 MAPI Reference contains documentation for the following MAPI updates:
    • Support for 64-bit Outlook.
    • Fast shutdown support for MAPI clients.
    • An additional 38 tagged properties and named properties.
    • The option to link explicitly to MAPI functions.
  • Outlook 2010: MAPI Header Files – This download accompanies the Outlook 2010 Messaging API (MAPI) Reference documentation and contains the MAPI header files, which have been updated to support 64-bit Microsoft Outlook.
    The following list describes the MAPI header files that this download installs:
    • Mapi.h—Defines structures and constants.
    • Mapicode.h—Defines status codes for error values.
    • Mapidbg.h—Defines macros for debugging.
    • Mapidefs.h—Defines frequently used event types, property types, flags, structures, and interfaces.
    • Mapiform.h—Defines forms elements.
    • Mapiguid.h—Defines GUIDs.
    • Mapinis.h—Defines utilities that support internationalization.
    • Mapioid.h—Defines MAPI object identifiers.
    • Mapispi.h—Defines flags and interfaces that MAPI implements for service providers and message services.
    • Mapitags.h—Defines property tags.
    • Mapiutil.h—Defines utility interfaces and functions.
    • Mapival.h—Defines validation macros.
    • Mapiwin.h—Defines types, constants, flags, functions, and macros for developing single-source service providers.
    • Mapiwz.h—Defines prototypes and constants for the provider wizard.
    • Mapix.h—Defines flags and interfaces that MAPI implements for clients.
    • Mspst.h—Defines properties of the personal information store (.pst file).

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