Outlook 2010: XML Schema Reference

Outlook 2010: XML Schema Reference is available to download.

Brief Description
The Microsoft Outlook 2010 XML Schema Reference contains reference documentation to guide you in developing solutions based on the XML schemas used in Outlook 2010.

The following list describes the schema namespaces that are used in the XML support for Microsoft Outlook 2010. These namespaces provide a consistent structure for data used within Microsoft Office applications and for reliable data exchanges with other applications and systems.

  • ElectronicBusinessCard—defines the layout of an Electronic Business Card.
  • FormRegion—specifies the design and behavior details of a form region.
  • FormRegionLocalization—defines localized string resources for a form region.
  • The following schemas apply to Office Mobile Service (OMS) to support integrating mobile capabilities of Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint with mobile devices:
    • AuthenticationData—defines authentication information for users.
    • DeliveryResponse—defines a response from an OMS web service.
    • DeliveryResponsesBatch—defines a batch of multiple responses from an OMS web service.
    • Message—defines a complete message transferred from a client to an OMS web service.
    • MessagesBatch—defines a batch of messages transferred from a client to an OMS web service.
    • ServiceInformation—defines information for an OMS web service such as its name and type of authentication, and the services it supports.
    • UserInformation—defines the user information that is returned by an OMS web service.

For more information about these schemas, see the following articles in the MSDN Library:

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