Outlook Click to Call

Outlook Click to Call is a neat tool available freely from Codeplex.

Project Description
This is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows for clickable links for Office Communicator contact names from websites to initiate a phone call with the contact.
This also includes scan and detect of one’s Communicator Contact list and Outlook address book, to allow clicking on the contact’s name to start an Instant Messaging session, and/or to allow CTRL+Click to call the contact using Communicator Automation, or optionally Shift+Click to perform a mailto: via one’s mail client.
The feature set is as follows:

  • Scan and detect of one’s Communicator Contacts list entries
  • Scan and detect of one’s Outlook address book entries
  • Click linked contact name to launch an IM session with contact
  • CTRL+Click linked contact name to open a voice mail
  • Shift+Click linked contact name to open a new email
  • UI form/popup design – the user will be presented with confirmation type popups in support of their intended action
  • Installer
  • Implementation/source code

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