Outlook mobile getting new security and management features

Outlook mobile is getting new enterprise protection and mobile management capabilities, Microsoft announced recently.

The mobile app was originally launched about three years ago in an effort to provide a practical mobile solution for organizations and professionals that also included enterprise-grade security and has received numerous upgrades since. Of course, the mobile landscape has changed drastically since then, with an increasing number of organizations and employees relying on mobile technology for secure communications. So the tool is getting an upgrade that includes more advanced enterprise capabilities and support for Microsoft Information Protection native labeling, along with some improved management features. Here’s a deeper look at some of those new features and capabilities.

Sensitivity labels for Outlook mobile emails

Outlook mobileThe first step in keeping sensitive information safe throughout an organization is making sure everyone is on the same page. With the new version of Outlook mobile, users can classify and label Outlook mobile emails so that the recipients understand the contents’ level of sensitivity. This can help organizations avoid accidental sharing and help team members stay in compliance with company policies. The Microsoft Information Protection native labeling will be available in Outlook for both iOS and Android, allowing you to enforce a common set of protection policies and actions across all Microsoft 365 apps.

New app configuration capabilities

Outlook mobile is also getting new app configuration capabilities meant to help organizations set up their employees with secure mobile email and calendar solutions quickly. Specifically, the new capabilities can help you ensure that only corporate accounts are added to Outlook mobile for managed devices, scale deployments, enforce consistency, set up accounts faster, and access a new app configuration policy interface in Microsoft Intune.

Connection and organization features

Outlook mobile is also getting new capabilities to help your team stay connected and organized. You can create and join Microsoft Teams meetings from Outlook mobile. A new integration with Microsoft Lens means that you’ll be able to access more of that technology from the platform as well. There’s also a new Favorite Notifications feature that lets users stay connected with their most important contacts. And the update includes improved calendar experiences like sharing and search functionality.

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