Outlook .pst file format and interoperability

This week, the Outlook product team hosted a .pst file format interoperability event here on the Microsoft campus in Redmond. As we announced on the Interoperability @ Microsoft blog, our team plans to release a specification of the .pst file format to the public. This week’s interoperability event is part of a series of steps that we are taking to gather feedback from industry partners and experts on preliminary drafts of the specification. If you are not familiar with the underpinnings of Outlook, .pst files are one type of data file that Outlook uses to save user data such as e-mail messages, contacts, and appointments.

During the interoperability event, we presented a preliminary specification of the .pst file format to selected industry experts in areas such as antimalware, electronic records management, data archiving, data recovery, and data migration. We collected useful feedback about our documentation roadmap, and the attendees were supportive of the direction and approach we are taking.

Read more at source: http://blogs.msdn.com/outlook/archive/2009/10/29/outlook-pst-file-format-and-interoperability.aspx

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