Outlook Web App for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has recently released an Outlook Web App [OWA] app for iPhone and iPad, which offer the same e-mail, calendar and contact functionality that OWA on a browser does, but with additional capabilities that are only possible through native integration of the app with mobile devices:

  • Stored credentials so users are automatically logged into the app;
  • Push notifications that actively notify of new e-mail;
  • Meeting reminders that pop up even when the app is closed;
  • Voice activated actions like scheduling a meeting or sending e-mail;
  • Contact sync so that OWA contacts are recognized by the iPhone’s/iPad’s caller ID function;
  • Remote wipe capability that allows IT to delete e-mail and calendar data in the app from the device in the event that the device gets lost or the user leaves the organization.

The OWA app can be installed directly from the Apple Store. There are two key requirements: an Office 365 subscription that includes the latest update of Exchange Online (on premise Exchange 2013 support is coming at a future date), and an iPhone 4S or higher or an iPad 2 or higher (the devices must also be running iOS 6 or higher).

Some great features of these apps are the fact that users can now read and create Information Rights Management (IRM) protected e-mails, out-of-office messages and other MailTips appear in the header of the compose form, and even apps for Outlook work in these apps.

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