Outlook 2000 Disk Space

You have three options when installing Outlook 2000 to minimize hard disk space usage. These special options can be useful if you have special circumstances requiring disk space conservation. Don’t bother unless you need this option:

  • Install On Demand

    Install On Demand sounds interesting. It installs components or features when a user first attempts to use it. With the right network infrastructure and decent servers, this option is attractive. It would naturally distribute network and server load. Options appear on the menus and toolbars but they do not consume any disk space on the user’s workstation until clicked upon. When the user tries to use a feature, the Windows installer will install the feature, adding that feature to the installation and making the feature available. The feature will remain installed and available from then on. As an administrator, to set a feature to Install On Demand during the installation process, select that feature on the customize screen and change it from Run From My Computer to Installed On First Use.

  • Run From CD

    I don’t like this option but it may work for you if local hard drive space is limited as well as network capabilities being iffy. Run From CD consumes minimal space on the local hard drive by leaving most feature on the CD. When a user attempts to use a feature not included in the minimal feature set, the CD must be in the CD-ROM drive or else an error occurs when Outlook 2000 tries to load from the CD rather than from the hard drive. It sounds slow and problematic to me.

  • Run From Network

    Run From Network installs the features on a server on the network and loads the feature across the network from the network server. This option minimizes space usage on the local hard disk but makes performance dependent on network capability and server availability. It has the advantage of upgrades needing to be performed only on the network server code.

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