Over 50,000 IT Professionals Turn to ObserveIT’s Free Remote Access Auditor to Audit Privileged Users

September 1, 2010 – ObserveIT Ltd., the leading provider of User Session Recording software, marked its 50,000th IT admin adoption in August of 2010. The company’s flagship product, which is deployed at large and small enterprises worldwide, provides an immediate response to the simple yet difficult-to-answer question: “Who did what on our servers?” IT Managers and Security Officers quickly adopted this exact visual recording of remote and console user sessions in order to improve network security and oversight. ObserveIT software is available as both a feature-limited free version as well as a feature-rich enterprise version, and can be downloaded at www.observeit-sys.com.

ObserveIT solutions provide a clear-cut view of each action preformed by third-party providers and privileged users. Whenever a user connects to a corporate server (using Terminal Services, Citrix, VMWare, SSH or any other connectivity protocol), ObserveIT records every action that occurs, including applications launched, text entered and window and mouse movements. Deploying this technology enterprise-wide provides companies with immediate answers to core needs: Compliance Auditing, Secure Verification of 3rd party activity and Root-Cause Analysis.

The company is poised to further capitalize on its latest momentum as it enters the Beta-release phase of Unix and Linux session recording to its application platform. By expanding to include SSH monitoring with its current protocol-agnostic Windows coverage, IT managers will gain universal auditing of user activity.

Key Benefits of ObserveIT

In addition to the Record & Replay capabilities, users enjoy customized scheduled report delivery, full-text searching of all user activity (including App Names, UI text, resources effected and more), real-time playback, and policy messaging within user sessions.

ObserveIT deploys with a small installation footprint and minimal resource usage. The product integrates smoothly into System Monitor platforms such as Unicenter and SCOM, and includes a robust security architecture.

About ObserveIT

ObserveIT was founded in 2006 by industry professionals and entrepreneurs that were motivated by one core goal: Making life easier for IT Managers and Security Officers. Our rich background in IT systems management serves the perfect basis to achieve this goal. Since the first product release in 2007, our Terminal, Citrix and Console session recording has influenced how IT staff monitor their server environments. Our products are now deployed around the world, at Global 2000 enterprises as well as smaller businesses across many industries, including Finance, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government and IT Services.

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