OWA 2010 Premium in Firefox on a Linux machine (Ubuntu Desktop)

Many of you know that the OWA 2010 Premium experience will be available with IE 7+, Safari 3+, and Firefox 3+.

But bear in mind that only Safari on Mac will provide the OWA Premium experience. Safari on Windows will provide the OWA Light experience due to too many one-off issues with that browser/OS combination).

So those of you who saw OWA Premium demo’ed in a Firefox browser most likely watched a demo/session/webcast where Firefox was installed on Windows right? Well, today I was a little bored and wanted to try out OWA 2010 in Firefox on a Linux box. So I fired up Ubuntu Desktop and tried it out. It worked very well (see below).






Henrik Walther
Technology Architect/Writer
MCM: Exchange 2007 | MVP: Exchange Architecture


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