P2V tool makes it easier to move users to Win7 while maintaining legacy apps

Many companies are gearing up to make the move to Windows 7 for security reasons. Numerous studies show that Windows 7 is more secure than Windows XP, with many security features that XP doesn’t include. But it becomes a dilemma if you have older applications that you still need to run, and there are some that just won’t work in Windows 7. You know about XP Mode, but setting up those applications in a VM on all those Win7 machines could be a pain.

Now Microsoft has released the beta of a new physical-to-virtual (P2V) tool for SA licensing customers, which works with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and/or System Center Configuration Manager to package older Windows desktops into VMs that run on Windows 7. This lets you maintain the old desktops in their customized forms. Read more here:


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