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A Web Site Using ISA Server Part 1: Preparing To Publish Your Site.

ISA Server allows you to make internal resources, such a web servers, email servers and FTP servers, available to Internet users. This process of making internal services available to users on an external network is called “Publishing”. When you Publish a service on your internal, private network, you allows selective access to external users.

How to get a web connection at the client without the proxy setting

I couldn’t get a web connection at the client without the proxy setting. What could I be missing? The client gateway is set to the address of the inside adapter of the ISA server. And, since it does work with the proxy setting, I know that the protocol and site/content rules do allow access. If it makes a difference, the clients are Win98.

How to solve a problem with migrating from ISA RC1 to ISA Evaluation

Problem with migrating from ISA RC1 to ISA Evaluation (120). After setup (Release Candidate 1 (RC1) Upgrade) Firewall and Web Proxy haven’t worked. Other ISA services work properly. In Event Log error 14079. I run rmisa and re-run setup (from ISA Server 2000 Evaluation Edition), but situation bad too. I run rmisa and re-run setup (from ISA RC1) and all services work.

Microsoft Releases ISA Server.

Adminstrators may soon be crying “you got a firewall in my proxy server” or “you got a proxy server in my firewall.” Microsoft’s new product may prove that proxy servers and firewalls are two great tastes that taste great together. Expanding functionality to existing products, whether adding conferencing services to an e-mail server or an HTML editor to a word processor, is one of Microsoft’s strong suits. With the release of its Internet Security and Acceleration Server, Redmond has added firewall features to its proxy server software.

ISA Server Ready for Primetime.

Microsoft has announced that its Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000, the company's first security product, will ship this month. ISA Server–3 years in development–replaces and enhances Proxy Server and offers enterprise firewall features for security and Web-caching functionality. Microsoft Senior Vice President Paul Flessner describes ISA Server as a key member of the .NET Enterprise Servers family.

Microsoft fleshes out its .Net server lineup.

Two of the last pieces of Microsoft's newest line of enterprise servers rolled off the assembly line last week, but the software means little until corporate Windows 2000 deployments are complete. Microsoft shipped its Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 (ISA), a firewall and cache, and completed development on Application Center 2000 server. AppCenter, which is designed for managing Web server farms, should ship in four to six weeks.

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