Panda updates Endpoint Protection to include Android

This product represents the latest version of what was previously known as Cloud Office Protection (PCOP) and Cloud Office Protection Advanced (PCOPA), now called Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Protection Plus respectively. Both versions include security for Android with antivirus protection and Endpoint Protection Plus also features Anti-Theft.

New protection for Android systems

The latest version of Endpoint Protection now includes protection for Android devices. “Attacks on smartphones, and especially those running Android, are set to reach new levels. Not only will they increase, they will also become more complex, and with a common target: to steal users’ personal data”, warns Roberto Fernández, Product Manager at Panda Security.

“We are increasingly storing more and more data on smartphones, and cyber-criminals will do anything to get hold of this information. All indications are that in 2015 these threats will grow exponentially, as will the number of victims, and as such it will be essential for users to have antivirus protection”, adds Fernández.

‘Plus’ version offers added value

Though both Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Protection Plus include antivirus for Android, the ‘Plus’ version also provides Anti-Theft protection for businesses that want even greater control over mobile devices.

This Anti-Theft feature in Endpoint Protection Plus enables the locking and remote wiping of devices to prevent thieves from accessing confidential data. It also includes a geo-locating feature and even the possibility to take a photo (“Snap the thief”) of the person who now has the device.

Automatic organization by IP address

Panda Security has also included in this iteration a system for automatically organizing computers by IP address. This way, users with Endpoint Protection installed will be able to set rules to automatically distribute computers into groups and assign a configuration profile to them based on their IP addresses.

Improved security for users’ login credentials

The new versions of this solution now include an Identity Provider system to enhance customers’ security. Instead of passwords, customers will now receive a link through which to create their own user. This will offer them greater autonomy by allowing them to make any changes whenever they need.

About Panda Security

Founded in 1990, Panda Security is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based security solutions. With head offices in Spain, the company has direct presence in over 80 countries, products translated into more than 23 languages and millions of customers around the world.  The company’s mission is to simplify complexity, creating new and improved solutions to protect users’ digital lives.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Panda Security collaborates with The Stella Project, a program aimed at promoting the incorporation into the community and workplace of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.

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