Paths to Success with Web Application Proxy

As Exchange Administrators we are always looking at the upcoming releases of Windows Server, and specially the WAP (Web Application Proxy) feature, and this post will shed some light on the topic for the future release of Windows Server.


We’re pleased to introduce our new guest blogger, Mark Grimes from Microsoft Consultancy Services. Mark’s been involved in some pretty complex Web Application Proxy deployments and has put together some great hints and tips we wanted to share. Over to Mark…..


In this posting I want to share with you some of the fundamental rules that you need to follow when publishing applications in Web Application Proxy. 

Perhaps a more accurate title for this might be, “paths that work and those that don’t”?  No matter what the title, if you learn some simple rules to follow, you will improve your paths to success when publishing applications in Web Application Proxy. 

Web Application Proxy is a new role in Windows Server 2012 R2 that allows an administrator to publish access to an internal web application for external users. 

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