PC-over-IP Secure Gateway FAQs


VMware recently released a community document detailing some FAQs about PC-over-IP Secure Gateway. PCoIP Secure Gateway, introduced in VMware View 4.6, provides the functionality to pass the connection (proxy) through the Connection Server or the Security Server.

Some of the FAQs include:

  • How can I get PCoIP Secure Gateway functionality
  • Is PCoIP Secure Gateway enabled by default once I install connection server or security server on a 2008 R2 machine?
  • How do I enable PCoIP Secure gateway feature
  • How can I make sure PCoIP session is using PCoIP Secure Gateway?
  • How will I know if PCoIP Secure Gateway in installed in my machine.
  • Can I make use of PCoIP Secure Gateway with my old View client? Is it mandatory to update to View 4.6 client?
  • My Security server PCoIP external URL field is grayed out in Admin UI!
  • Which port should I open in my firewalls? Do I need to enable this for entire subnet?
  • And more…

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