PCoIP, TCX, RGS… Flash!?

I also posted a similar question in the virtualizationadmin.com forums, but want to spread this question far and wide, so here we are with a blog post!

I’ve been testing PCoIP with VMware View 4.5 and a Samsung NC240 terminal. Other than a Flash annoyance, PCoIP was impressive. It provided a VERY smooth experience and you couldn’t tell it was a remote desktop (except for the Flash issue).. I’m running this terminal on a 100 Mbps network connection on an uncongested so bandwidth is certainly not an issue.

What kind of success have you folks out there had with PCoIP and Flash? I’ve tested Wyse TCX, HP RGS and now PCoIP and all seem to have their shortcomings when it comes to multimedia redirection and/or handling or Flash. In my recent testing with PCoIP, I’ve seemed to have the most success so far. The video is smooth and looks great. The audio is smooth and sounds great.

But the video and audio are out of sync. They aren’t quite aligned and it’s definitely enough to be noticeable.

I’m struggling with what this means for us. As a college, if we want to use this for lab replacement or instructor stations, good quality multimedia (especially Flash, unfortunately) is pretty necessary which might mean just sticking with fat clients for these uses cases. On the other hand, perhaps staff desktops should be our primary target, although it seems like we lose massive opportunity by ignoring labs.

Anyone have thoughts on the whole Flash issue?

Does anyone have thoughts on RGS? I will admit that my testing was far from complete on that protocol and I’d love to hear about some real world experiences with it.

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