PC PowerDown after Shutdown in NT

Win98 has a niffty feature where the PC powers down after a shutdown. This new
capacity requires an ATX power supply. You can get similar functionality in
Windows NT by applying the following Windows NT registry hack:

Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows

Name: PowerdownAfterShutdown
Type: REG_SZ
Value: 1 Enable power off after shutdown

After this, the shutdown dialog should be Shutdown and Power

If you make the registry change and the PC reboots instead of powering down,
you can often get it to work by upgrading your hal.dll with the Softex dll which
shipped with SP4.

  • cd %systemroot%\system32
  • ren hal.dll hal.dll.original
  • copy cd_drive\i386\hal.dll.softex hal.dll

If this does not work, and your PC just reboots, check with the vendor of
your PC and see if they have a powerdown BIOS and hal.dll. It may be, that you
do not have an ATX power supply. Newer PCs do, but …

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