Personal Archive gone after upgrading to Outlook 2010 RTM?

So you also experienced this? Yes and I’m desperate how do I fix it?

——– Update ———

Okay I researched this quite a bit now and I was able to repro in my lab.

The thing is that the retention policies and personal archive aren’t available in the Outlook 2010 Pro plus retail version currently on TechNet/MSDN (when using the keys delivered with it).

What’s a bit strange is that I have three work machines all running Outlook 2010 RTM. One of them was upgraded using the Office 2010 pro plus retail version available on TechNet  and it shows my archives just like the 2 other machines that doesn’t use this version.

Anyone else that can see the archive using either the TechNet or MSDN version?


The is caused by on old Outlook 2010 beta bug and fortunately the fix takes just a few seconds. In Outlook 2010, you need to access the backstage center and open “Account Settings”.


Then double-click on the account(s) and from here click “More Settings”.


Uncheck “Download shared folders”.


Now restart Outlook and the issue is fixed.


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