Ping works but neither Net View nor Net Use respond

net view and net use commands
(or network neighborhood) require a session be established on the target whereas
ping does not. Things to check:

  • Target must have Server service running to establish
  • NT target must have licenses available to establish a session. A server
    overcommitted on its licenses can respond to ping but not a session oriented
  • Net commands require port 139 to be enabled on
  • ping send small packets (74 bytes). A router may be misconfigured to only
    support small packets. Use ping to test packet sizes normally used by Net

    ping target -l 1012
    ping target -l
    ping target -l 3036
    ping target -l

  • Verify that target is not hung. Ping has been know to generate responses on
    hung systems.
The options for ping under NT are:
C:\WINNT>ping /?

Usage: ping [-t] [-a] [-n count] [-l size] [-f] [-i TTL] [-v TOS]
[-r count] [-s count] [[-j host-list] | [-k host-list]]
[-w timeout] destination-list

-t Ping the specified host until stopped.
To see statistics and continue – type Control-Break;
To stop – type Control-C.
-a Resolve addresses to hostnames.
-n count Number of echo requests to send.
-l size Send buffer size.
-f Set Don’t Fragment flag in packet.
-i TTL Time To Live.
-v TOS Type Of Service.
-r count Record route for count hops.
-s count Timestamp for count hops.
-j host-list Loose source route along host-list.
-k host-list Strict source route along host-list.
-w timeout Timeout in milliseconds to wait for each reply.

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