PopKill: Kill those annoying pop-up ads!

. SkelaXin AntiPop runs in the background, so as not to
interfere with your computer and internet use. If you should ever go to a site
where you need to view a pop up window, you can easily disable AntiPop with a
single click of the mouse.

eliminates annoying pop-up and pop-under advertisement windows

  • Two built in “Artificial Intelligence” engines protect you from ALL unwanted
    pop-up and pop-under windows.
  • This popup stopper program automatically senses those nasty windows so you
    do not have to set up and maintain black lists.
  • Clicking on a link opens a new window if it designed to do so and the link
    is “pop-up safe”. You can override PopUpBuster any time by holding down either
    the SHIFT or CTRL keys. Most of the time a second click on a “denied” link opens
    the new window.
  • Small
  • Free

NoAds Freeware
stops annoying popup web ads


is a small system tray utility that watches your system for new Internet
Explorer windows being opened. Any new window whose dimensions are less than
user defined settings will be instantly shut down. Pop-up ad windows are usually
less than 150 pixels high, and less than 400 pixels wide. PopKill sits in your system tray using minimal system
resources – the main exe file is only 22KB in size. PopKill
is completely free, and contains no SPYWARE or sponsor ads.

Super Pop-up Killer :

  • Stop pop-up windows before they open.
  • Does not set any proxy options.
  • Configure sites to block and allow popups.
  • Block mouseover-popups.
  • Block pop-up windows when leaving a site.
AdKiller can kill any annoying popup advertising windows when
you browse web sites. it uses the full intelligent filter technology to capture
and kill popup ad window, needn’t your intervention. You can use this software
directly after installed, needn’t learn how to use, needn’t configure it. It
will auto launch when you open a IE window to browse web site.

AdsKiller :

  • Individuation
  • Windows XP support
  • Internet Explorer v6 support
  • Netscape 4 support
  • Internet & Windows Adverts Killing
  • Homepage Protection
  • Stealth Mode
  • Securely Killing / Fast Killing
PopUpCop awards include CNET Editors Choice, CNET Top 5
Security Apps, 5 Cows from Tucows, a 5 star editor’s pick from WebAttack, 5
stars at Paul’s Picks. PopUpCop users can choose what techniques and
technologies to block, from blocking nothing to turning off images, Java
applets, ActiveX controls, JavaScript, and 15 other potentially annoying
techniques. Users also may want to change what to block depending on where they
are browsing. To make all this flexibility easy to control, PopUpCop features
two key control mechanisms: the Internet irritation indicator and the Internet
irritation level slider. These two controls work together to provide information
about the techniques that a web site is using and to make it easy for the user
to block a collection of techniques.

Popup Eliminator sits in the traybar quietly until it detects
that a popup is about to be spawned from a window. It then intercepts the window
call and gracefully discards it.

PopUp Eraser is a simple popup-killing utility that detects
and closes pop-up windows as you surf the Web. It uses the smart self-learning
engine, which adds an items to Close It List and Allow It List automatically. It
also logs visited pages and closed pop-up windows. PopUp Eraser works with
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera browsers.

Ad-Aware free multi
spyware removal utility that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for
known spyware and scumware components. You can also pay for a “Plus” version
which has an Ad-Watch module and more configuration options. You can also use
Ad-Aware Refupdate to keep the reference files up to date or go to the web site
to download the reference files.

Spybot – Search & Destroy supports the three major
browsers Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator and Opera.


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