Fixing long delay before HP printer starts printing with Windows 10

HP forums are full of users complaining that HP printers are taking a long time to start printing after a job is sent to print. Windows 10 is one common characteristic of these setups. I haven’t found a solution that worked for several HP printers I came in contact under similar conditions: advanced networked HP printer connected to a network with Windows 10 clients.

Eventually, I arrived at this workaround: disconnect the printer from the physical network and use the printer’s WiFi connection instead. Surprisingly this worked for all cases.

If you have an HP printer both with WiFi and LAN, try using WiFi. Your experience with Windows 10 might improve dramatically.

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6 thoughts on “Fixing long delay before HP printer starts printing with Windows 10”

    1. Vitaly Popovich

      Anthoney, If your HP printers print quickly I am very happy for you. Many people are quite pissed off about printing delays on HP forums.
      And I would probably react similarly to your comment if I didn’t see the change in behavior myself.
      Possibly Wi-Fi stack on HP printers has fewer services available than normal network ports
      Have you experienced the issue in question?

  1. I only print with wifi & it takes over 5-10 minutes to start printing. I have reset the printer, reset wifi & anything else you can think of & nothing has fixed the issue. It always says some sort of error message. “printer is offline” (when it isn’t) “printer in use”, “printer disconnected” It’s connected, wifi is strong. Never ecperienced this with my cannon.

    1. Vitaly Popovich

      Hi, I feel your pain. Very annoying. “printer is offline” is a very common issue with modern HPs which is due to energy saving implementation.

      If you know the IP address of your printer try adding the printer manually as TCP printer as well. Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers . Then launch it and you will see a button on the top “Add a printer”. Click it and proceed with the wizard. Provide IP address of the printer when asked and then for the type choose TCP instead of WSD. You can keep the same driver if asked. Then provide a custom name for it and make it your default printer.
      Also make sure your printer and pc/laptop are as close to Wi-Fi access point as possible.
      Good luck!

  2. Hi Vitaly,

    “Fixing long delay before hp printer starts printing with windows 10”

    I have issues prior visiting the post. I fixed the issue Quickly.. Thanks for your post. and with the Guideline help link also.

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