Posting of usernames and passwords?!?

Some of you may have heard of the hacker who posted 100 username and password pairs for sensitive government email accounts. What was his reasoning you ask? Well he did so to ensure that the affected governments improve their security of course. What an asinine comment. If you wanted to help them improve their security idiot stick then you should of emailed them. Posting login credentials on a website is not the way to go about it. If the hacker thought he was doing the world a favor he needs a harsh reality check. Were he in the United States he would likely be sitting in prison right now, and rightly so. Bottom line is this. If the government, private sector company, slash whatever, has horrible security practices then warn them about it. If it continues then so be it. Posting it online and the claim that you are helping them by forcing them to do something about it is quite simply put criminal, and you’re an idiot.

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