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Is this cool or is this cool?

Shay Levy created an amazing browser toolbar using Conduit community toolbars, that provides one-click access to lots of Powershell related resources.

Here’s the list of features (as of July 15, 2009):

When you click the little down arrow you’ll find a new search option ‘PowerShell Forums Search’. Using this option performs a search in several PowerShell known forums, such as:

  • PowerShellCommunity.org
  • PowerGUI.org 
  • PowerShell.com
  • StackOverflow.com
  • PoshCode.org

The Blogs section has been updated and now includes a submenu for Windows PowerShell MVP blogs as well as others like MSFTs and PowerShell bloggers.

In the Radio section you’ll be able to listen to
Jonathan and Alan’s Get-Scripting podcasts

New menus were added, like: PowerShell training, Script Repositories and more.

Twitter gadget is new to the toolbar. You can read the last 15 PowerShell tweets even if you don’t have Twitter account. The widget is floating so you can position it anywhere inside the browser window, content should refresh every 1 minute.

To know more about the tool and download it, please read his blog post: PowerShell at the tip of your browser.

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