Prepare for 2009 by Backing Up your ISA Firewalls

In order to back up and restore your ISA firewalls, you need to understand the process. Sure, it might look easy for those of us using ISA Standard Edition, but if you’re using Enterprise Edition, and if you’re using multiple Storage Configuration Servers, then you’ll definitely want to know what you’re doing in advance. What better time to get a good backup of your configuration now, before the end of the year? Then you’ll be in great shape to recover in the event something bad happens in 2009.

Microsoft has a great article on backup and restore in the following scenarios:

  • Planning and selecting a backup method
  • How to replicate a Configuration Storage server
  • How to back up an entire enterprise configuration
  • How to recover the following scenarios:
    • A Configuration Storage server located on an ISA Server array member is not available.
    • A Configuration Storage server running on a separate computer is not available.
    • Array members are unavailable.
    • Both the Configuration Storage server and array members are unavailable



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