Preparing for IPv6

It’s time to get serious about preparing for IPv6. I live in North America where about the only IPv6 traffic you see is that run by academic institutions like universities. But it’s different in other parts of the world. In Japan and other parts of Asia, new networks are being rolled out as IPv6 ready. For example, in Japan you can buy a SOHO router that is IPv6-capable, mobile devices that support IPv6, and soon gaming devices that use IPv6.

And here in North America if you’re working for (or contract work with) the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) then you know that DoD is pushing to begin deploying IPv6 as early as 2007. And DoD employs a *lot* of people, both internally and through contracting.

So it’s time to get ready for IPv6, and a good place to start is the IPv6 Technology Center on Start learning about IPv6 and the various IPv4/6 transition technologies, and talk to management about starting the budgeting process for router upgrades and so on. Talk also to your ISP about their planned support timeframe for IPv6.

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