Private Cloud Security Architecture: Watch it Now

imageTechEd North America is going on in Orlando, FL, even as I write this. And while I’m stuck at home, glued to the computer, Tom is there doing his presentations on private cloud technologies, along with Yuri Diogenes (his co-author on the upcoming book titled To Edge and Beyond: Architecting, Designing, Planning and Deploying Windows Server 2012 Security Solutions) and the rest of the Microsoft gang. If you’re there, hope you got a chance to see their presentation.

If you’re stuck at home/work like me, don’t despair. You can still download the slide show and watch, no matter where you are. If your organization is considering deploying a private cloud – as many are, at least as a transitionary  measure on the way to public cloud computing – this is really a “must see” because understanding the key elements of securing your cloud infrastructure could make the difference between a smooth move to the cloud and an ongoing nightmare.

This is a 300 level (advanced) talk, but don’t let that deter you; Tom is great at making difficult material seem simple. You can download the slides or view the presentation online here:

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