Proceed with an effective migration from IBM Domino to Microsoft Exchange

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describe the imageIn order to plan a successful and seamless migration, it is important to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Are your end-users satisfied? Are you able to manage and track their performance? How many support calls did you receive? Did you stay within the planned budget? Did the migration stay on schedule?

When migrating from Domino to Exchange, it is essential to optimize and maintain your messaging environment. Pain points that IT administrators deal with during the process are related to:

  • Very large amount of data storage, continuously increasing
  • Saturated networks, persistent needs for network bandwidth increase
  • Poor level of performance (for the messaging and collaboration platforms as well as for the other interactive apps sharing the same network infrastructures)
  • Operating cost, user frustration, slow backup and restore operations

This is where MK Net.Work enters the game. This GSX Solutions partner, a Software company created in 1996, which focuses on optimization for messaging and collaboration platform. When you think about it, attached files (docx, pptx, xlsx, jpg etc.) represent 80 to 95% of messaging and collaboration platform traffic and storage. MK Net.Work makes 100% of the files exchanged and stored on these platforms 20% to 90% smaller with no user actions required. 

 Screen shot 2014 10 24 at 3.01.21 PM

Benefits? Your IT departments doesn’t have to waste time when it comes to network bandwidth, storage, CPU and IOs, etc. The performance improves, CTO and planned infrastructure investments are reduced, server consolidation and hostage of more users in your infrastructures are now possible.

GSX Solutions and Mk Net.Work hosted a Webinar to demonstrate both solutions’ added value when migrating from an IBM environment to Microsoft Exchange.

Play this video and find out more from our experts discussing the topic.

 describe the image

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