Product Tips #2: Build a unique reporting dashboard for IT executives

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blogolivimage resized 600Reporting is often something that Messaging Administrators are asked to provide to upper management and executives. A lot of administrators will work on that manually and send over some reports when they are needed. This can be very time consuming and tedious to provide.

Finding a way to build automated reports and send them by email automatically same lots of time allowing managers to get the metrics they need to take proactive decisions.  Some administrators often want to be able to provide a dashboard to their manager with the latest reports, selecting only the data that matters.

In this post I will show you how you can quickly provide them with that one-page show-it-all reporting dashboard thanks to GSX Analyzer.

Managing the right Profile

GSX Analyzer allows you to manage multiple profiles. Each profile can be configured to allow specific permissions, as well as controlling what tabs and data can be seen. So log in with your administrator’s account to GSX Analyzer and let’s create a new profile under Tools > User Account and Profiles:

build1 resized 600Click Add and let’s configure this new profile:

describe the imageYou can select any tabs, but to keep 100% control I would suggest to keep only Trend reports and Environmental health reports. Then you can select what data they should see, so select here the production servers:

build3 resized 600And finally add the user that should see that dashboard:

build4 resized 600Configuring the automated reports

Now you need to create the automated reports and select the statistics that you want the executives to see in that dashboard, so logout and log back in as the administrator of that newly created profile:

build5 resized 600

You should now configure “Trend Reports” (as described here) and Environmental Health Reports” that should be generated on a daily basis, therefore every time that an executive logs in, he will see the freshly created report.

Finally you can verify by logging in with the user part of the executives profile and you can see that it’s clean and easy to check the most recent reports:

describe the image

I hope this has helped you in providing the best reporting to your company. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more targeted services, especially for reporting as we have recently renewed our services offer and have released a brand new Predictive Smart Baselining option.

imageservice resized 600

Select the package that fits best with your infrastructure’s need!

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