5nine Cloud Manager

5nine Cloud Manager is the only platform to provide unified public, private and hybrid cloud management, migration, monitoring, backup and recovery for the Microsoft Cloud from a single, easy-to-use and cost-effective access point. Our platform eliminates the need for point solutions and non-integrated tools, each with a different interface and learning curve, dramatically reducing the complexity inherent in managing your decentralized cloud environments and allowing you to reduce IT costs, achieve peak performance and satisfy customer and employee demand.

Simplify Management of Your Hybrid Cloud

5nine Cloud Manager standardizes hybrid cloud lifecycle operations across your organization, so you can get more work done in less time. View and manage tenants, hosts, clusters, virtual machines, and resources across your public, private and hybrid cloud environments from a single, centralized console.

  • VM Lifecycle Management: Centrally create, configure, manage and maintain VMs across all servers and public, private and hybrid cloud environments without having to manually remote into separate instances.
  • Logical View Grouping: Manage and monitor related resources across large, distributed and previously decentralized cloud environments from a single, logical tree.
  • Storage File Explorer: Remotely access local, network and cluster storage and create, delete,rename, copy and paste storage objects.
  • SDN Deployment & Management: Simplify network and topology definitions by configuring network resources from our centralized console. Perform operations on SDN objects across multiple layers, enter major SDN parameters and use special SDN deployment scripts to deploy SDN infrastructures.
  • Virtual Switch and MAC Address Management: Create, edit and delete virtual switches and MAC address pools.
  • Replicate Hyper-V VMs into Azure: Select VMs to replicate to Azure based on frequency, coverage period and other configuration settings.
  • Syslog Integration: Benefit from the ability to export Syslog Jobs data to an external Syslog server.

Monitor All Your Clouds From a Single Console

Gain complete and continuous visibility into your hybrid cloud. 5nine Cloud Manager allows you to track key cloud performance indicators and resources across hosts and VMs, eliminating the need to remotely log in to different instances. Our platform sends you alerts when predefined events occur and proactively optimizes your virtual network, allowing you to maximize resource usage, achieve peak performance and quickly discover issues before they cause downtime.

  • Performance Monitoring: Monitor all VMs, hosts, clusters and alerts from a single, centralized console.
  • Dynamic Optimization: 5nine Cloud Manager can perform automatic, dynamic load balancing between hosts according to your unique needs, including cluster groups, shared storage groups, and mixed groups of different kinds of hosts.
  • Capacity Planning: 5nine Cloud Manager use past performance data to accurately forecast future performance. This allows you to quickly identify future bottlenecks, troubleshoot solutions, and cover all your bases.
  • Customizable Notifications: Configure customizable, email-based resource alerts for physical and virtual performance parameters and event alerts for native Microsoft events.

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration With Enterprise-Grade Speed, Scale and Flexibility

5nine Cloud Manager dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to perform public, private and hybrid cloud migration projects of virtually any complexity. Our platform empowers you to automatically and simultaneously migrate virtual machines across hosts without the use of intrusive, performance sapping agents.

  • Live Migration: Migrate multiple active (running) VMs between nodes or across your environments without having to switch them to a saved state, thus losing access.
  • Quick Migration: Migrate VMs to another node or across your environments as quickly as possible.Active (running) VMs are temporarily paused until migration is complete.
  • Shared Nothing Migration: Migrate VMs, with or without associated storage, to another host. 5nineCloud Manager also allows administrators to move a VM’s storage by itself to another location, either on the same server or on shared storage.
  • Azure Migration: Seamlessly import Hyper-V VMs to Azure.

Protect Your Critical Workloads With Enterprise-Grade Backup and Recovery

5nine Cloud Manager’s powerful, integrated suite of backup, recovery and replication capabilities ensures your virtual networks are always available. Our platform allows you to backup and recover critical workloads to and from the private, public and hybrid cloud on your schedule.

  • On-Demand & Scheduled Backups: Create full and incremental backups, including VMs running on Server Message Block (SMB), and manage retention policies from a single, centralized console.
  • Replication & Disaster Recovery: Replicate VMs to Azure or a secondary location (replica site) across a WAN link. Our platform allows you to monitor replication health and perform replication failover testing.
  • Retention Management: Determine the length backups are retained and the number of restore points used.
  • Full & File-Level Restores: Restore full VMs or view, download and restore files stored within your VMs.
  • Configurable Encryption and Compression: Control the level of encryption used for your backups,including type and encryption key, and the size of your backup files, including compression levels and block sizes (MB).

Control and Limit Access to Your Hybrid Cloud Environments

Prevent costly and embarrassing errors, misconfigurations or malicious access without impacting performance or data accessibility. 5nine Cloud Manager ensures clear separation of duties by giving you complete control over access to your virtual machines, hosts and tenants and administrative functionality, allowing you to effortlessly meet strict security, privacy and compliance requirements.

  • Multitenant Infrastructure Management: Define access on a tenant-by-tenant basis and granularly control which resources are available for management. Users only have access to the tenants and resources they are assigned, ensuring your environment meets separation requirements for various administrative models.
  • Role-Based Access Control: Limit which resources can be viewed and what operations can be performed by users, administrators and tenants with customizable roles.
  • Advanced Virtualization Security: Built-in network and security monitoring and user-friendly remote management capabilities eliminate the need for VPNs, remote network access solutions or complex permission management services.

Fully-Featured REST APIs

Move from PowerShell Scripts and VMM to REST APIs and 5nine Cloud Manager. Scale and automate your virtual infrastructure. Enable your DevOps team to use the tools they love. Easily plug into your favorite configuration management tool.

  • Covers every feature accessible via Product Interface
  • VM Management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Backup/Restore
  • SDN Management
  • Administration
  • Accessible via Swagger based framework
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